National Rum Day

National Rum DayToday 16th August 2015 is National Rum Day.  In quite what nation it is intended to be celebrated I’m not sure.  Some people have also called it International Rum Day.  The website for this event is also lacking any real information on who is behind this event.

A little more digging and a look on the events Twitter feed indicates that the National Rum Day is a US based event.  Still it doesn’t seem anyone is that bothered about who celebrates it! Tweets and photo’s should be tagged #NationalRumDay..

Whilst I’m all for getting involved in events with a historical nature such as Black Tot Day I’m not really sure what National (or International) Rum Day is hoping to achive.  First up this years event is a Sunday, which really isn’t the best day for an event which involves booze!

The event doesn’t seem to have really caught many peoples interest or notice.  It seems in many ways little more than a slightly cynical marketing exercise.  It just seems to have been chosen at random, I have no idea who is behind it but it doesn’t seem to have any real backing from the Rum World.  It all just looks and feels a little bit half arsed.

Other than getting a few more people in the bars on a Sunday I can’t really see what else it is achieving.  I’m not against this event in anyway but it certainly needs to up its game.  At the moment it really is very much a non-event.  If this is going to gain any momentum then it needs to get the industry and key players more involved.  In some ways it seems little more than a marketing ploy for someone to make a bob or two.

Overall disappointingly done.



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3 comments on “National Rum Day

  1. Hi, I just came across International Rum Day in the last day or so. We were discussing the fact that Sunday was not the best day for this but I am not sure if this is because they hold it on the 16th August every year or not. It hasn’t been particularly well publicised, we certainly didn’t have time to organise anything for our customers.

    • Was pretty underwhelming really! Didn’t really seem to have anyone behind it driving it forward.

      • These things never seem to do so well in the UK. Malbec World Day is just about getting some momentum behind it now but I think we are in the 4th or 5th year.

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