Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL

Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL. Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL Rum Review by the fat rum pirate Jamaica Pure Single Rum from the Worthy Park Estate. Although Velier are an Independent bottler and importer many of the Habitation Velier releases are collaborations between Velier and the producers.

Rather, than the more traditional Independent bottling model, whereby the bottler either buys direct from the distillery or sources from a broker, Habitation Velier release the rums in conjunction with the distillery, as a joint venture.

Which is one of the reasons why Habitation Velier are now using the Worthy Park name, rather than using the still names or the WP abbreviation. Luca Gargano is very keen to push his “Gargano Classification” and over the past few years he has began working more closely with other distilleries sharing the same vision. Other Independent bottlers have been asked not to use the Worthy Park name on their bottlings. This is because Worthy Park are trying to promote their own releases such as the Special Reserve. The Caribbean producers are increasingly looking to release their own premium efforts, rather than sell bulk rum to brokers.

Worthy Park have been gaining a reputation for producing classic yet very distinctive Jamaican rums over the past few years. I am pleased to say that this website has been championing the rum from Worthy Park long before most people were aware of the wonderful rums coming from the Lludias Vale.

This 10 year old rum is a result of the third distillation since the distillery was re-opened in 2005. It is an 100% Pot Distilled Rum aged in ex-bourbon casks. Distillation took place in 2007 and it was bottled in late 2017. The WPL marque stands for Worthy Park Light, as it is a relatively low ester rum.

Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL has been bottled at 59% ABV – Cask Strength. The rum was distilled on the Forsyths Double Retort Pot Still. I paid around £110 for the flask like 70cl bottle. It has an Angel’s Share of 64% I do wish those Angel’s would leave more rum for us mortals so it wouldn’t be so expensive!

The rum comes in the now traditional Habitation Velier flat flask like bottle. You get a nice card sleeve to house the rum and more than enough information on the actual rum in the bottle. No fairy tales just facts. Worthy Park seem to have been given an Orange and Gold colour scheme for their releases.

As with a lot of Authentic Rum Producers that do not involve additives and bullshit age statements you will struggle to find a “bad” Worthy Park rum. The worst I have encountered is one that fell into the hands of Bacardi and was dosed. Which took away a lot of the character.Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

I was actually looking for the 2006 release when I discovered this had been released. So I opted for the newer kid on the block. Lets see if that was a good choice.

In the glass Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL is a rich dark/golden brown with orange edges.

The nose is easily recognisable as Worthy Park. Lots of Banana, Pineapple and hints of Coconut. The breakfast tea notes are dialled back a bit with this one but they can still be found.

Further nosing reveals a lovely balance of toffee, milk chocolate and caramel. Notes of Almond and Cashew nut mingle alongside a very rich caramel heavy hit of sweet alcohol and a burst of spicy barrel notes – cinnamon, ginger and as you delve deeper you discover a bit more of the breakfast tea notes.

It’s rich, warm inviting and very rummy.

Sipped at the full ABV it is full of flavour – very spicy with lots of lemon and orange zest. There is a really nice weight of oak and bourbon sour/mash spices. Married alongside chocolate covered bananas and Banoffee Pie on the entry.

On the mid palate you get more of the breakfast tea, coconut and some slightly bitter cocoa. It’s a very complex sipper with a lot going on.

Finish wise it is long, spicy and very warming. This is a very intense and very rich tasting rum. It has a really nice long oaky finish to it with notes of coconut, ginger, allspice and a hint of cinnamon. As it fades you get a nice hit of pineapple, cocoa and some dark chocolate makes an appearance.

All through the rum from nose to finish you get some funky, fruity Jamaican rum but the Worthy Park style also exhibits richer notes of chocolate, cocoa and breakfast tea. Which makes it a different take on Jamaican rum from the likes of Long Pond and Hampden.

Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL is a richer, more chocolately take on Worthy Park. It is not quite as fruity or funky/grassy as some of the releases but it’s unmistakably a Worthy Park rum.Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

As with the Foursquare releases of late we are dealing in very small margins in terms of quality. Miniscule or almost non-existent. We are now getting into the nitty-gritty of small nuances in the rum, which you may enjoy more than other releases.

There is something in this rum that appeals to me, ever so slightly more than the other Worthy Park releases I have tried. All of which were excellent I must say.

This however is my favourite Worthy Park to date and it is one of the best rums I have tried this year. Scratch that one of the best rums I have ever tried.

You need to buy this. Treat yourself.




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