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DIablesse Caribbean Rum review by the fat rum pirateDiablesse Caribbean Rum. This is the second rum from the Diablesse brand, that I have reviewed recently. At present the two rums are their full portfolio.

The first Diablesse rum I reviewed was a Spiced Clementine Rum, I really enjoyed that one. This rum is perhaps their more “serious” effort. Founder of Diablesse Rum, Cleo Farman is very keen to attract drinkers to try out rum for the first time, so has went for a blend of rums from some of the Caribbean’s real powerhouses of rum production.

Diablesse Caribbean Rum is comprised of an 8 year old Barbados rum from the Foursquare Distillery, a 4 year old Jamaican rum from Worthy Park Estate and 2 year old Guyanese Rum from Diamond Distillery.

Presentation wise Diablesse is presented in a rounded stubby bottle with a very attractive and distinctive labelling, which includes the mythical Diablesse. It all looks very premium and stands out on the shelf. Kudos to The Label Makers Limited, who designed this. Diablesse Caribbean Rum currently retails at around the £35-38 mark. It is available from a number of online retailers including Master of Malt.

All the rums in the blend have been aged in ex-bourbon casks and there is no finish or extra maturation provided to the rums at any stage. So what we are getting is a very clean, very traditional blend of what many might see as Navy rums. Unlike Navy rums such as Lambs there is no caramel colouring or additives in this particular blend. Diablesse Caribbean rum is bottled at 40% ABV.

Blends have kind of fallen out of fashion recently, especially amongst more serious enthusiasts. Even casual drinkers seem to be going towards rums from specific islands or countries with very distinctive profiles rather than opting for a multi-island/country blend. That said as has been seen with The Duppy Share, a well constructed blend is still a very decent rum.

In the glass we have a rum which is a light to golden brown, a shade lighter perhaps than many more “traditionally” coloured gold rums. So definitely the claimDIablesse Caribbean Rum review by the fat rum pirate for no caramel colouring with this blend, stands true. Even the DDL hasn’t darkened this rum and we all know their penchant for “extras”.

The nose is quite funky with lots of banana cake, pineapple and some nice dunder like notes. Bit of pencil shavings an some light nail varnish (is there such a thing?).

Further nosing allows some of the sweeter notes from the DDL rum (Enmore), so we get some toffee,raisin and some mixed fruit peel.  Barbados is represented by a very healthy dose of vanilla and light baking spices. There are wafts of oak and spice but it is overall quite a fruity and funk forward rum.

As a sipper this has a lot going on. There is an intial sweetness, which gives way to a peppery mid palate and a slightly sour/tart note. A touch of gooseberry and some sharp citrus – lemon and lime. It’s a very dry and clean tasting rum, with just enough spice and oak to balance out the more citrusy elements and provide a good balance overall.

The balance is also lent a hand by the Barbados element which keeps everything together. It doesn’t let the DDL or the Jamaican elements run away with the show.

Finish wise I am quite surprised at the length of the finish. That said it does lose quite a lot of the flavour, especially the fruitier notes. Diablesse Caribbean Rum does become slightly bitter towards the end and is dominated a little by the oak. That said at 40% ABV, this never feels too boozy or uneven. As a sipper, maybe it could do with an extra bit of ABV but all in all its not a bad little tot of rum.

DIablesse Caribbean Rum review by the fat rum pirateAs a mixer in cocktails is perhaps where Diablesse Caribbean Rum works best. Such is the character and flavour profile of the rum, it doesn’t hide away when mixed. A simple drink such as a rum and cola is very flavourful and very smooth. Not something I necessarily see as a good thing, as it often means a lack of flavour. However, add a squeeze of lime and a few ice cubes and you have a very tasty and very more-ish drink.

Likewise cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or some of signature serves on the Diablesse’s website all work very, very nicely.

Diablesse Caribbean Rum is a versatile and very enjoyable blend of rum. They could easily have went for a cheaper blend and added some young Trini rum. Instead they opted for better quality more interesting rums and you can tell the difference.

As good a blended rum as I have tried for a while. If you don’t believe me then have a look at the review Steve at Rum Diaries Blog did. I may have borrowed one of his photos……..




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