Bristol Classic Rum Foursquare 2004-2016

Bristol Classic Rum Foursquare 2004-2016 Rum Review by the fat rum pirateBristol Classic Rum Foursquare 2004-2016. Another rum from the Foursquare Distillery, Barbados. This is the first Independent bottling I have reviewed for a while. Mainly due to the distillery themselves, being so prolific recently. With so many unique and interesting rums coming from the distilleries own cannon, I haven’t felt the need to review or purchase much from independent bottlers of late.

With the prices of Independent bottings, being often much higher than the Foursquare releases, it’s been a bit of a no brainer recently. However, some Independent bottlings have still caught my attention.

I have a soft spot for Bristol Classic Rum’s range so I thought I would plump for this, from having heard good things, of their other Foursquare offerings.

Bristol Classic Rum Foursquare 2004-2016 set me back around £55, if I remember correctly. It comes in the familiar stubby Bristol bottle with a nice cylinder to store the rum in. A real cork closure seals the rum and it has been presented at 46% ABV. A touch “low” for some enthusiasts these days but not a problem for me.

Nor indeed am I offended by this being a blend of Pot and Column distilled rum. Foursquare produce without doubt, some of the most well-balanced and integrated rum blends on the planet.

I am unsure how much time this has spent ageing in the Tropics, as opposed to continental ageing. Bristol do age the stocks they obtain from the Caribbean. As I understand Foursquare have sent rum as old as 8 years to Rum Brokers.

I suppose I could ask John Barrett and/or Richard Seale but they probably get sick of me pestering them! Besides it gives me a chance to review the rum without any (or limited) pre-conceptions about its ageing.Bristol Classic Rum Foursquare 2004-2016 Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

In the glass the rum is a light/golden brown colour.

On the nose we have a light very well-balanced rum. Notes of coconut and banana mingle alongside oak, vanilla and ginger. A second nosing reveals some light smoke and tobacco. A third dive into the glass reveals some light stoned fruits – peach and apricot.

This rum seems more “whisky” like than the tropically aged bottlings. It feels less concentrated and more mineral like. It has a lot more spicy notes – white pepper, ginger, a touch of fennel. Slight hints of milk chocolate and cocoa.

Sipping this rum it remains quite spicy. Lots of ginger and all spice are apparent on the initial sip. It reminds me very much of the official Foursquare 2004, though the ABV makes it dangerously easy to drink.

Further sips reveal lots of coconut – almost like Coconut Ice (an English sweet in a block like nougat often is). Nice flavours of milk chocolate and some buttery pastry. Almost croissant like at times. Nice.

One of the best things about this rum is the finish. It’s really long and very tasty. Beautiful notes of bourbon cask -vanilla, ginger, chilli, lemon zest and some really nice banana and coconut notes coat the palate and remain there for some time.

Really tasty and slightly different to the official Foursquare bottlings. Definitely not worse just different. Well worth seeking out if you are a real Foursquare enthusiast



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