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About Brazil Artisanal Cachaca Gold Rum Review by the fat rum pirateABOUT Brazil Artisanal Cachaca Gold. The Engenho Buriti Distillery in Papagaios, Minas Gerais began production in 2010. They produce cachaca under the brand names such as of Famosinha de Minas, Santuario de Minas, Dona Branca, and Buriti.

They also produce cachaca for Independent bottlers such as Jean Salvador of ABOUT Brazil.

Despite Jean being Brasillian they currently operate out of Switzerland. Their Cachaca’s (I have also featured the Silver Organic Cachaca) are currently only available there but they are currently seeking out distribution in other parts of Western Europe.

The process to create ABOUT Brazil Artisanal Cachaca Gold starts with the natural fermentation of freshly squeezed sugar cane with native yeasts. The resulting liquid is distilled in small batches, in copper stills. It is aged in Amburana, a native Brazilian wood. ABOUT Brazil Artisanal Cachaca Gold is  aged for 2 years and bottled at 40%.

As mentioned already they are seeking to get further distribution in Europe. As a result they have a very good website which provides information on the brand and Cachaca in general.

Presentation wise About Brazil Artisanal Cachaca Gold comes in a 70cl bottle – the bottle is fairly standard “bar” bottle with a slightly bulbous neck. A good quality metal screw cap completes the look. It is presented in a more modern, contempory style than many domestic Cachaca brands. It has been designed by artist Carlos MaAbout Brazil Artisanal Cachaca Gold Rum review by the fat rum piratetuck and the watercolour depicts the historical city of Ouro Preto.

It’s sharp and well branded. The information on the bottle is clear and concise. It is not cluttered and old-fashioned like so many Cachacas. It will suit the European market presented like this.

A very light coloured spirit presents itself in the glass – almost straw to white wine in colour, rather than gold.

Nosed this is a very creamy Cachaca. Floral and with a really nice sweetness to it. The vegetal and grassy nature of the sugar cane are present but they are balanced by the subtle spiciness and creaminess of this cachaca.

It’s slightly soapy with a hint of lavender and balsam wood – maybe a touch of light Pot Pourri. Notes of Double Cream, honey and vanilla. Lightly spiced and just enough woody-ness to give it a little bit extra body.

Sipped it is nicely balanced – the entry is both creamy and soapy at the same time with a really nice burst of sweet sugar cane and vanilla. All manner of delicate spices flit in and out of the mix giving it a really nice clean and concise profile.

It has relatively little burn and the finish is not particularly long. Or it is not particularly strong. You don’t get much alcohol burn when this spirit goes down. It is very light and delicate in aAbout Brazil Artisanal Cachaca Gold Rum review by the fat rum piratell aspects of its delivery.

ABOUT Brazil Artisanal Cachaca Gold is slightly herbal on the mid palate with a slight hint of bitter licorice alongside the honey, vanilla and the spices from the native woods used in the production of this Cachaca.

It mixes well but I found that the subtle nuances of this Cachaca were lost by doing so. This is a really enjoyable palate cleanser and easy sipper, should you be wishing for something flavourful but light at the same time.

Really well-balanced, not as full flavoured or as intense as some Cachaca but nevertheless a well put together and balanced spirit. I found it highly enjoyable.

Keep an eye out for this one.




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