Worthy Park Special Cask Release Madeira

Worthy Park Special Cask Release Madeira rum review by the fat rum pirateWorthy Park Special Cask Release Madeira. This rum is noted as being number 4 in the Worthy Park run of Cask Selection releases.

Unlike the Port Cask rum this is a vintage from 2013 – like the Oloroso and Marsala casks that preceded it. The price of this is reflected, as it cheaper than the 2008 Port Cask release. I also have the Sherry Cask release to review. The Virgin Oak edition I tried at London Rumfest in October has yet to surface in retail……..

This release is one of 677 bottles (so it’s not a single cask release). As with all Worthy Park releases the rum was distilled from molasses in Copper Pot Stills. The rum was then aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 4 years. It was then transferred into Madeira barrels for a second maturation of 1 year.

I know all this because is it is written on the rear label. I also know the rum was bottled at 58% ABV. Retail wise expect to pay around £80 in the UK for a 70cl bottle.

Presentation is in keeping with the previous releases and Worthy Park’s Single Estate reserve. So you get a nice heavy 3/4 size bottle with a chunky cork stopper. The presentation is sleek and modern and it does give the rum a premium appearance.

Worthy Park have been earning quite a lot of praise over the past couple of years. I was actually one of the first rum reviewers to cover their rum’s way back in 2015. I have been a fan every since. They produce outstanding rum. They Worthy Park Special Cask Release Madeira rum review by the fat rum piratealso have one of the friendliest people in the rum world in Zan Kong who is a great ambassador for Worthy Park and Jamaican rum in general.

But that doesn’t give them a free pass if this rum isn’t up to scratch……

In the glass we have a dark brown spirit with an orange tinge around the edges.

Nosing Worthy Park Special Cask Release Madeira I get the signature banana and English breakfast tea notes that are omnipresent in Worthy Park’s rums.

Milky breakfast tea, banana bread and some light vanilla are immediate on the palate. Moving into some tannic and sulphur like notes – red wine and a dash of cider vinegar. There is a sweetness of slightly tart blackberries and some red currants.

It’s complex and inviting. Notes of spice come through subtly – a little light oak and some ginger.

Sipped at full ABV the rum is unsurprisingly quite spicy with a fair amount of burn. It’s a fairly young spirit, all being said so it might seem a little harsh to some. A few drops of water help temper the burn a little.

The Madeira maturation certainly has had a significant effect on this rum. It may be a touch on the heavy side as it is a bit heavy on some of the “sulphur” like notes. Maybe some of the more familiar and enjoyable Worthy Park notes have lost their way a little with this one.

As well as being very spicy on the entry you also get a lot of sweetness – again I’m getting blackberries and currants. There is a tannic almost bitter like note, again showing the Madeira influence.

The mid palate allows more of the rum to shine with some more “normal” Worthy Park notes shining through – banana, coconut and that breakfast tea note. This then moves into a fairly long fade of spicy oak and some cinnamon and all spice. A slight bitterness is left in the mouth, which whilst not completely unpleasant, isn’t great for me.Worthy Park Special Cask Release Madeira rum review by the fat rum pirate

I would probably have enjoyed this rum more, without the Madeira finish if I am being entirely honest. Whilst it does make a significant difference to the rum – I do think it may have had a little too much influence. I’m not a big Madeira drinker – perhaps if you are this rum might appeal more to you.

Despite all this “negativity” this is still a more than decent rum. I may not enjoy it as much as the Port Cask or the Oloroso or Marsala casks but it’s still “good” rum. Aside from the odd off note, it’s very drinkable and pretty tasty.

It’s just not one of the better Worthy Park offerings. Still way better though than a lot of competitors!






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  2. Looking forward to this rum. I have 2 bottles coming my way and bought them based on the sweet, fruity descriptors.


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