Worthy Park 2007 12 Year Old Thompson Brothers for TWE

Worthy Park 2007 12 Year Old Thompson Brothers for TWEWorthy Park 2007 12 Year Old Thompson Brothers for TWE. So what do we have hear then? I rather think most of that has been answered by the title of this rum. Back to Jamaica we are going (via Scotland) for another dose of Pot Still goodness from Worthy Park Distillery.

Those in the know have known about the revival of Worthy Park for a while now. Even I reviewed my first Worthy Park way back in 2015. I was also fortunate enough to be granted an interview with Zan Kong around the same time.

Since then they have went from strength to strength and I would count them easily in the top 5 rum producers at the present time.

The first thing I’m noticing about this bottling is the price tag. Most 10 year plus Worthy Park bottlings, are now going for over £100. And rightly so! It is quite surprising to see this rum priced at only £65. Mind I am not complaining as I may have my eye on another bottle now as well……….

It is as the title suggests an exclusive bottling for The Whisky Exchange (TWE). Initially, I assumed this must be mostly continentally aged and bought at a relatively low price by the broker. This is not the case as it has spent 9 of its 12 years ageing in Jamaica. The remaining 3 years were when the Thompson Brother bought the rum and aged it in sunny Scotland. It has been aged entirely in ex-bourbon barrels.

Thompson Brothers was not a name i was familiar with before reading about this rum. They produce their own award winning Gin and Whisky, as well as bottling Single Malt Whiskies. For more information here is their website.

Worthy Park 2007 12 Year Old Thompson Brothers for TWE is bottled at Cask Strength 58%. It is a Single Cask rum and only 258 of these very striking 70cl bottles are available.100% Pot Still rum. It was bottled in 2019 making it 12 years old.

In the glass we have a golden brown liquid. The nose is welcoming and familiar. Banana led with notes of coconut and pineapple and a hefty chunk of treacly molasses and caramel. It has a beautiful balance and it smells absolutely fantastic!

Further nosing reveals peaches and apricots, a touch of raisin and some sharp ginger and citrus to give it a little more bite. It’s very complex and makes you just want to take a sip……..

Delicious is the best way to describe this. The sweetness of the banana and the milky tea notes combine to keep the oak and spice in tandem to achieve a wonderful balance of complexity and flavour. Sweet caramel and baking spices combine with coconut, raisin and just the right amount of ginger and spicy chilli. A lovely burnt sugar note remains throughout.

This is a rich, warming and very satisfying rum. Rum for a cold night around the fire.

The initial entry is sweet but complex with just the right amount of spices and woody aged tones. The mid palate develops into an array of flavours all wrapped up in the rich warming molasses and caramel notes. The finish is a good length with lots of burnt sugar and molasses, which works beautifully alongside the slightly heated notes of pepper and ginger.

This really is a complete bargain and a match for any of the official or Habitation Velier releases. I would move quickly to snap up one of these bottlings as this is a fantastic example of just how fantastic Worthy Park rum is.

The Thompson Brothers also have a Jamaican rum from Clarendon for sale (pictured to the right) which might be worth a punt on as well. I haven’t tried it…………yet. I’m not posting a link either you’ll have to find it yourself.

This is excellent stuff!




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