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Rum Bar Gold Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRum-Bar Gold is a barrel aged Jamaican Rum from the Worthy Park Estate.  The Estate has been involved in Sugar Production since 1720.

However, due to events described in this interview, I conducted with Alexander Kong they have been absent from the Rum Market until fairly recently.

Back in 2004/5 they set about building a new state of the art distillery in order to begin producing rum again.  In 2007 they introduced their White Overproof to the domestic market and have now added a Gold rum and a Rum Cream to their portfolio.  In order to help pay for the state of the art distillery Worthy Park have also sold “bulk” rum to other bottlers.

Worthy Park first came to my attention when I was treated to a glass of The Duppy Share – The Duppy Share is a UK based rum brand which bottles an excellent Jamaican (Worthy Park) and Barbados (Foursquare) blended rum.  Since then the name Worthy Park has appeared on an independent bottling from Bristol Spirits and a Single Estate rum for Bacardi.

It was quite by chance that I was looking at my subscribers list and I noticed an Alexander Kong was using a Worthy Park email address.  Always on the lookout for new opportunities for the site, I got in touch with Alexander and following an exchange of emails he agreed to the interview I linked to earlier.

Followining this interview I was keen for the site to feature the new Worthy Park rums.  They were about to expand into the UK market, so I took down a few details and set about getting some of the Worthy Park rums.  To my surprise along with a few independent retailers Tesco supermarket are stocking the Rum-Bar range.  They have long stocked J Wray and Nephew so clearly they have someone who knows a “ting” or two about Jamaican rum………….

Rum-Bar Gold comes in a tall traditional style bar bottle.  It will currently set you back just under £30 for a 750ml (75cl) bottle – if you can find a bottle.  Currently Tesco are only stocking 200ml bottles.  The presentation is classic but it is distinctive.  The age statement (4 years) is very prominent on the bottle which can only be a good thing.  The rum also comes in at 40% ABV.

Rum Bar Gold Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRum Bar Gold is a blend of aged pot still rums with the youngest rum in the blend being 4 years old. It is aged in once-used, American White Oak Bourbon Barrels (Jack Daniels) and the tropical aging at the estate contribute to the maturity and gives the rum it’s full flavor. Sticking to the Caribbean Rum Standards, there is nothing added to the rum aside from caramel for color consistency and water for dilution down to 40% ABV.  They have also asked me to note that they do NOT use Dunder Pits.

It is worth noting at this point that Worthy Park is one of the few remaining distilleries in the world that grows its own sugar cane, produces its own molasses, distills and bottles its products all on site.  Complete control over every input for the rum!

Now, on with the nosing/tasting part – the fun part!

Rum-Bar Gold does exactly what it says on the bottle – in the glass the rum is a classic gold.  The nose gives the first indications of the rums distinctiveness.  It is “boozy” as I like to call it.  A description, if not explained can lead people to think – rough.  Which is not what is meant.  Rum-Bar Gold is rich and full of Jamaican funk, the nose displays some rich treacly toffee and burnt caramel.  Sweet notes of stewed apples and banana.  Even a little custard, light vanilla.  This is very much a rum which needs to be rested before nosing.  Just enough to allow the strong alcohol vapours to die down and let the sweeter notes come forward.

As a sipping rum the this offers quite a nice experience.  It’s very full flavoured and quite strong initally on the alcohol.  Once again, the rum just needs a little time.  After a couple of sips the alcohol begins to mellow and you will notice a sweet vanilla custard and some nice almost creamy fudge like notes.  My initial assessment was that Rum-Bar Gold is closer to Hampden Gold than Appleton V/X but I’m starting to feel that despite all the upfront Jamaican funk rum it displays an underlying sweetness which neither of the other rums can attain.

The rums in this blend are not high ester rums.  The finish is quite long lasting and surprisingly mellow.That’s not to say this is a sweet rum in the sense of Zacapa or Diplomatico!  It is a Jamaican pot still rum – no added sugar or other additives.  However, it will be for many far more accessible than Smith & Cross, Hampden Gold or a Monymusk offering.  It doesn’t offer the oak aged sophistication and more refined aura of the older Appleton Estate rums but it occupies a very interesting and unique position in the Jamaican rum spectrum. It can certainly hold its own with the younger Appleton offerings.  It is no surprise that a 5 year old Worthy Park is used alongside a Foursquare Bajan in The Duppy Share.  It certainly adds a little punch.

A Jamaican Pot Still rum and cola is a drink I very much enjoy.  A nice wedge of lime and plenty ice and a generous slug of rum topped up with cola can be as good an experience as sipping the finest rums.Rum Bar Gold Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

Rum Bar Gold certainly shines when drank like this.  It is by pot still standards quite mellow but it still retains enough bite to satisfy a hardened rum drinker.  It is smooth and almost chocolately, notes fudge and toffee.  A nice kick of Jamaican pot still rum gives it more depth and adds an extra layer.

As mentioned earlier Rum Bar Gold offers an experience much different to the other Jamaican Rums on the market.  It is for a fairly young rum, quite complex and I certainly hope that people take the plunge and try a bottle whilst Tesco have stocks as I think they will be very pleasantly surprised.

Excellent stuff and I’m looking forward to trying more Worthy Park rums in the future.

4 stars








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5 comments on “Rum-Bar Gold Premium Jamaica Rum

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  3. I prefer this to basic Appleton – the review is very accurate. not a sweet rum – great cola mixer. Price in Jamaica 11-15usd. Scored 2 bottles inbound at Montego Bay for $18 on sale. A damn good start.

  4. I’ve been living in Jamaica for the past three months doing an unscientific study to find my favorite rum. Rum-Bar Gold has pole position at the moment; smooth yet with a distinct character that grows on me with time.

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