Veritas White Blended Rum from Coffey Still and Pot Still

Veritas The Truth Foursquare Rum Distillery Review by the fat rum pirateVeritas – The Truth. Another lesson in Latin from Richard Seale of Foursquare Rum Distillery. Veritas is a White Blended rum from a Coffey Still and a Pot Still.

It is unique in that it is a blend of rums from the Coffey Column still and Pot Still at Foursquare and the Double Retort Pot Still rum at Hampden Estate, in Jamaica.

It is distributed in Europe by Velier. As you can see from the photo, this is inspired by Luca Gargano. It also takes time to show us the Guardians of Rum shield on the front of the bottle. This is a white rum that is making a statement. White rum does not have to be average.

Veritas is bottled at 47% ABV. Like the recently re-vamped Doorly’s 3 Year Old. Interestingly, it was actually Diplomatico who first released a white rum at 47% ABV with their re-vamped white – Planas last year. It is more conventional for rum to be bottled at 40,43,46 and then 50% ABV.

Whilst this is noted as being a white/silver rum, you will also note from the photo’s that Veritas has a yellow-ish haze to it. It is not ruthlessly filtered. The actual components of the rum are as follows:

Unaged Pot Still Rum from Hampden OWH marque – Owen Wayne Hussey a relatively (by Hampden standards) low ester marque of rum. This was recommended to Richard Seale by Vivian Wisdom, the Master Distiller at Hampden Estate.

Unaged Coffey Column Still Rum from Foursquare

and for the colour

2 Year Old Pot Still rum from Foursquare

As with all Foursquare bottlings you get quite a lot of information on the bottle, as standard. The presentation for this bottling is simple and pared back. It’s not hugely complicated. Foursquare bottlings tend to concentrate on facts and figures, rather than pretty pictures. They usually save that for the contents.

Veritas is aimed at more sophisticated bartenders and as a result the bottle is a bar friendly shape, with a synthetic wooden topped cork stopper. The bottle shape is elegant and easy to handle. The design overall is sleek and modern. Veritas retails at around £30/Euros. Due to trademark issues (it happens very often in the US) Veritas is to be known as Probitas in the US – which means honesty.

The rear label on the bottle explains what Veritas is expected to be used fVeritas The Truth Foursquare Rum Distillery Review by the fat rum pirateor and there is also a little swipe at bottlers who “dose” their rums.

When poured this is a white rum with a yellow tinge. A straw to white wine colour.

The nose initially screams Jamaican Pot Still. It has a level of aggression expected in Jamaican Pot Still rum. Boozy notes of black banana and some pineapple – but not overly sweet pineapples. There is a little citrus – some lime and lemon zest definitely. Alongside this as we delve further and the rum settles a little in the glass, you get some creamy notes. Vanilla custard and some almost savoury shortcrust pastry. A slight saltiness and a touch of brine.

As far as a white rum is concerned, it certainly has a lot going on. At 47% ABV, it is admittedly stronger than most white rums.

Whilst this is perhaps priced more as a “premium mixer”, I will still try this neat. Sipping Veritas is a very rewarding experience. The Jamaican Pot Still element does go along way in this blend but you certainly get more of a taste for the Foursquare element as you sip.

The initial heat and funkiness of the banana and pineapple quickly marry up with the lighter notes of Bajan rum. A little hint of coconut and custard creams give way to some nice sweet molasses/caramel notes, especially towards the finish.

This is a fairly sweet white rum – for one which is undosed of course. The finish is light and warming, with enough spiciness to keep things interesting. It fades out nicely but has a reasonable length that said. Sweet sugar cane and toffee with some ginger giving it a little zing. It all works very well and has a great balance to it. The Jamaica Pot Still influence doesn’t overpower the overall feel of the rum.

This is reallyVeritas The Truth Foursquare Rum Distillery Review by the fat rum pirate quite a complex rum, it starts off all Jamaican and then gently blends into the Bajan rum. Giving you quite a two-dimensional experience. That doesn’t really work – but I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say.

As a mixer this works well with most things I’ve tried – Ginger Beer was a particular winner for me but it also worked well with cola. In cocktails a Daiquiri is really good to play around with.

There are a few white rums out there that have attempted to blend together various rums from various islands – Banks 5 Island Blend and Plantation’s 3 Star. I don’t think either of those really run this close at all, to be honest.

In terms of other white rums I have enjoyed such as Chairman’s Reserve White Label and Appleton White this is more grown up – more “sophisticated”. It has more complexity and subtlety. It bridges a nice gap between fairly standard 40% ABV white rum and the brain exploding 55% and above Overproof rums.

White rum Jim, but not as we know it. And all the better for it.




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  1. Ok, at this point you’re just singling out Banks lol. Anyways, nice article.

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