The Equiano Rum Co Afro-Caribbean Rum

The Equiano Rum Co. Afro-Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirateThe Equiano Rum Co Afro-Caribbean Rum. I first came across this rum at the Boutique Rumfest in London. For those not familiar with London Rumfest, on a Friday afternoon they open up what they call the Boutique Rumfest.

This Rumfest is open to the trade and journalists, bloggers etc. It allows new brands to showcase and promote their rums to an audience in a less hectic manner than is usually the case on Saturday and Sunday. It’s really an ideal time to make contacts and speak with people who may be able to help smaller brands.

Towards the back of the main room was a rum brand called Equiano. It looked in comparison to a lot of other stalls to be getting not a lot of visitors. Being curious I thought I would go over and see what it was all about. To be honest it all looked a bit too “Premium” for my liking I was half expecting some kind of Central American Sugar Water as I couldn’t tell from a distance that it was an Afro-Caribbean Rum.

I began chatting with the brands owner (his name escapes me, I had his business card somewhere) who explained that Equiano was actually a blend of rum from Gray’s Distillery, Mauritius and Foursquare Rum Distillery, Barbados. It is bottled and blended by Richard Seale and co at Foursquare Rum Distillery.

Without pre-emptying this rum review too much after enjoying a taster I did advise a fellow Rum Enthusiast or 4 what I had just learnt. I then popped away to the toilet and when I came back the Equiano stand was inundated………

The Equiano Rum Co Afro-Caribbean Rum is a blend of molasses based rums from Gray’s Distillery and Foursquare Rum Distillery. Firstly column distilled rum from Gray’s is aged in a combination of French Limousin Oak and ex-Cognac casks for 10 years. It is then shipped to Barbados and blended with Single Blended rum aged in ex-bourbon casks for a minimum of 8 years in Barbados.

I originally thought the name was something do with the Equator or the Equatorial region in general but no it is actually named after Olaudah Equiano who was an African born writer, abolitionist, traveller and one of the earliest freedom fighters in cultural evolution. Through the trading of rum, Olaudah paved his way to liberation and went on to inform the abolition movement. So now you know.

The Equiano Rum Co. Afro-Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

The Equiano Rum Co Afro-Caribbean Rum is currently available online via their own website.  It is also available at online retailers, it is slightly cheaper at The Whisky Exchange at £46.95.

It is bottled at 43% ABV and as you can see comes in a very nice, very sleek 3/4 stubby bottle with very little in the way of fairy tales or nonsense. The turquoise “seal” on the neck looks a little out of place but the chunky synthetic cork stopper underneath gives a satisfying pop. It is noted that there are no additives whatsoever in this rum including caramel colouring.

In the glass we have a dark brown spirit with a very red tinge to it. On the nose I am getting a lot of classic Barbados Rum profile. Vanilla, light toffee and some gently oak. With Equiano the oak seems less pronounced though. I am getting more by way of fruity notes such as Raisins and Sultananas. A touch of Banana and some sweeter notes of Strawberry and Cherry. Further nosing reveals more citrus – some marmalade and some ginger.

It’s a very fruity rum it reminds me a little of Doorly’s XO but the rum from Gray’s Distillery is definitely putting its markers on this rum. It’s a really interesting and enjoyable nose.

Sipped it is again pretty fruity with an almost Cognac like sweetness especially on the initial sip. It’s very zesty with lots of lemon and orange peel. There is a really nice balance between the sweet citrus notes and the spicy oak notes, which come to the fore on the mid palate. It’s quite a tangy rum. A little tart at times.

Finish wise it is of a reasonable length but if you have grown accustomed to the higher ABV Exceptional Cask Foursquare releases,The Equiano Rum Co. Afro-Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirate you may find it a little “soft”. What is there is very nice and very nicely balanced, with a good length. Sadly for some it might not be a big enough smack in the chops.

Overall, there is a kind of almost red wine “heavy” note to this rum. It pulls it off, due to the sweeter fruitier notes.

It’s a good rum. I’m not all that sure though. that I would splash another £50 on another bottle.

In fact I am pretty sure I wouldn’t. That is probably more to do with what else is currently available though.

I’ve enjoyed this and found it a really nice easy going sipper, but it hasn’t excited me.



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2 comments on “The Equiano Rum Co Afro-Caribbean Rum

  1. Id like to try it. What comes to mind is: Flor de Cana 18 is also $65 and its 4.75/5 stars for me

  2. I’ve noticed quiet a few interesting blends of this age being released lately, but like fatrumpirate, I would rather buy more aged for that price, or more strength for much less.

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