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St Lucia Distillers – Tour the North – Newcastle Upon Tyne

Chairman's Reserve St Lucia Distillers the fat rum pirateFate is a funny thing and certainly not something anyone should take for granted.  As a rum blogger (I hate that term) based in the North East of England rum “events” don’t come along very often.

I had originally planned to make my first public appearance as “thefatrumpirate” back in October 2015 at the London Rumfest.  However the news that I was to become a father meant such shenanigans were put on hold. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

St Lucia Distillers Tour the North

ST LUCIA DISTILLERS LOGOThis April, UK distributor Emporia Brands have put together a calendar of events involving its award-winning St Lucia Distillers range.

Brand Ambassador Dave Marsland will be touring four Northern cities as he brings together the Chairman’s Reserve range, which includes Gold, Spiced, White Label and Forgotten Cask, the Admiral Rodney, and the latest edition of 1931, the 4th release. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced

Chairman's Reserve Spiced St Lucia Rum ReviewAnyone who has bothered to read any of my rum related ramblings, will be more than aware of my love of Chairman’s Reserve.  Despite being a relatively young and inexpensive rum (freely available in Sainsburys supermarket for £20) it captured my heart very early on in my rum journey.

The double distilled mix of pot and continuous still rum’s offer an authentic and unadulterated rum experience which at the £20 price point is difficult to beat.  With the success of The Kraken and Sailor Jerry I’m always a little miffed that Sainsbury’s have never stocked the Spiced Chairman’s Reserve as they do the standard offering.  I first tried this rum a couple of years ago.  In many ways I’m pleased I left starting my blog until I had tried a good number of rum’s.  I feel only now am I beginning to develop any kind of understanding of the various rum’s on offer. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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