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SeaWolf Premium White Rum review by the fat rum pirateSeaWolf Premium White Rum. This rum has been around for a while. Indeed it claims to be the first white rum to be distilled in Scotland. I wonder who distilled the first dark rum? Answers on a postcard please……..

Joking aside the brand has been around since 2016. I was aware of the brand but never heard much about it. so as a result it passed me by. SeaWolf Premium White Rum has been created by Mike Aikman and Jason Scott, who are behind the Edinburgh bars Bramble, The Last Word and the Lucky Liquor Co. The duo are joined by Gavin Ferguson who is the co-founder of wine merchant Vino Wines.

SeaWolf Premium White Rum is named after the native American terms for Killer Whales (obviously that’s just the SeaWolf part of the name). These can frequently be seen off the coast of Scotland.

The rum is made with a combination of champagne and rum yeasts. The fermentation of the cane molasses is done at low temperature for four weeks and then distilled in a Copper Pot Still. SeaWolf Rum is currently distilled in Angus at Ogilvy Spirits.

Seawolf Premium White Rum is an unaged white rum. I have reviewed a couple of unaged white rums from Scotland in recent times. Sugar House Rum and Ninefold.

It has recently been moved from 50cl bottles to 70cl with only a slight increase in price point. The clear, aside from the Seawolf logo and a painting of SeaWolves, old “medicine” style bottle with an un-topped cork stopper is simplistic. At the same time though its stylish and modern. A bit hipster if you like.

SeaWolf Premium White Rum review by the fat rum pirateIt is bottled at 41% ABV and as mentioned comes in a 70cl bottle. It can be found at most retailers. Master of Malt are currently offering free delivery on this bottling. It is priced at £37.95.

So lets see how this latest bottle of Haggis Juice does in a review.

In the glass we have a crystal clear liquid. As expected of an unaged rum. As with the other Scottish White rums I have tried recently the nose is full of molasses and chewy caramel. It’s sweet and treacly.

Beneath this I am noticing a kind of Rosehip like note -slightly floral and perfumed. Further nosing reveals some Red Apple and a touch of banana.

Even at the fairly low ABV of 41% it’s quite “boozy” and has a bit of menace about it. Sipped it is a touch on the metallic side with a bitter edge to it. That said for an unaged rum it has a fair amount of flavour going on. It’s not as sweet as the nose suggested but its good a good body to it. As a sipper it’s perhaps a touch on the metallic side maybe a bit too medicinal but it’s certainly not a bad little tot of rum.

It’s really as a mixer where you get the best of out of SeaWolf. It works really well in long drinks and it particularly good in a Daiquiri or a Mojito. It’s versatile and really interesting.SeaWolf Premium White Rum review by the fat rum pirate

It’s clean and very crisp. Not as quite as “funky” as maybe Ninefold or Sugar House White. That said it is not a “light” style of white rum. Whilst this might be a bit cleaner in profile it is still quite a molasses forward 100% Pot Still White Rum.

The profile of Scottish Rum (I’m not talking about the Spiced and Flavoured nonsense) will hopefully be raised over the next few years. There are a number of exciting releases in the pipeline. I don’t know the plans are regarding further SeaWolf releases but this is certainly a very good start/re-boot.

White Rum often gets a bad reputation but rums like this certainly show that it should not be dismissed as readily, as it if often is.







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