Ninefold Distillery Barrel Aged Pure Single Rum – Release #1

Ninefold Distillery Barrel Aged Pure Single Rum - Release #1Ninefold Distillery Barrel Aged Pure Single Rum – Release #1. This is the first aged rum release from Scotland’s Ninefold Rum Distillery. It follows on from last years unaged  release of Pot Still Pure Single Rum.

The distillery is situated in the South of Scotland at Dormont Home Farm, near Dalton in Dumfries and Galloway. The distillery is house in a converted stone farm building. Their rums are produced on a Scottish made Copper Pot Still. Should you wish to learn more about Ninefold Distillery then their website is a good start. I also interviewed Kit Carruthers Head Distiller/Owner here.

So, lets move on and see exactly what the make up of this rum is. First up the rum is a blend of the four “experimental” rums produced at the distillery in 2019. There are 4 barrels of this rum available and this is barrel #1. I am assuming the remaining barrels will be aged for longer periods and released at a later date. Quite an easy assumption to make I would think, unless Dr Carruthers has a time machine…….I wouldn’t put it past him.

The rum is produced from imported molasses and distilled in small batches on a purpose built Copper Pot Still. This release has been aged for 12 months in a Virgin American Small White Oak Barrel. A fresh bourbon barrel if you want to think of it that way.

There were 246 70cl bottles of Ninefold Distillery Barrel Aged Pure Single Rum – Release #1 available upon release. The rum has been individually bottled and hand signed by Kit. I have bottle number 78 as this was the year of my birth (and 13 had already been sold).

It has been bottled at Cask Strength so comes in at a hefty 59.6% ABV. It is available direct from Ninefold and retails at £45.

Ninefold Distillery Barrel Aged Pure Single Rum - Release #1 Rum review by the fat rum piratePresentation wise Ninefold have a very strong branding throughout their website and bottlings. Once again they have produced a very premium and very modern looking product. To be honest if I ever do a bottling I’ll be asking Kit who his graphic designer is, as I think the presentation is top notch. I love the 3/4 sized bottle and the chunky wooden topped synthetic cork stopper gives a very satisfying “pop” when opened.

Which is exactly what I have just done.

I’m not one for directing people to music videos (I find it a bit pretentious) but if you click on the following link and go to around 00:50 you will get my general impression of the nose on this…….

Thick, indulgent, treacly, sweet, golden, syrupy goodness. Caramac bars, you might have to look those up (and probably everything that is about to follow), Highland Toffee, Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, Red Kola, Macaroni Pie, Haggis, Neeps, Tatties, Kilts, Russ Abbot Wigs (okay I may be making a few of those up)

Seriously though the nose on this is a full on molasses assault. A bit of time in the glass to breathe is needed to see if anything else comes through on the nose. Which it does some super glue and pencil shavings kick in. Black Pepper and some menthol cough sweets. It’s medicinal with a nice back drop of some oak and freshly chopped wood.

It’s fiery, boozy and menacing – the molasses notes are dark and rich. Thick and gloopy.

Sipped at the full 59.6% ABV it is hot. Boozy and full of flavour. The woody notes of oak are warm and very intense. Lots of wood, ginger and fiery chilli pepper heat. It takes a glass or two to get used to this wee beastie.

It’s worth sitting with though and giving time. Once your senses have recovered (and maybe you’ve added a drop or two of water) the rum really opens up.

The initial entry is sweet with all the molasses notes promised on the nose. The mid palate is full of spicy green jalapeno’s and rich warming oak spice. The absence of vanilla is probably due to the Virgin Oak – I’d be keen to try this in an ex-bourbon barrel as it might give it a slightly softer, more approachable aura.

That said I’m enjoying this. It’s finish is quite savoury with yet more spice and a slightly malty note. It’s long and it becomes very “minty” with lots of menthol and cough mixture like elements kicking in.

Ninefold Distillery Barrel Aged Pure Single Rum - Release #1 Rum review by the fat rum pirateIn many ways this rum is a bit of a a funny one. It’s big, bold and brash but at the same time has a sweetness and a “more-ish” factor to it which really draws you in.

Beyond sipping I think this will also work really well in any cocktail that demands a bit of “oomph”. Both in terms of ABV and full on flavour this really delivers. I dare say this would work well in a Mai Tai or as a very boozy Daiquiri. My signature serve a Rum and Coke has went down very nicely and I dare say this is very definitely fally down juice……..

Hoots Mon! There’s joose, loose aboot Kit’s hoose………….









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