Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Blended Golden Rum Aged 8 Years

Sainsbury's Trinidad Rum Review by the fat rum pirateSainsbury’s Golden Rum is a product of Trinidad and more specifically Angostura.  Sainsbury’s have long been stockists of Angostura’s 1919 rum.

This rum is aged for 8 years and is the oldest rum Sainsbury’s currently stocks, excluding the 1919.  It’s almost as if Angostura have introduced a direct competitor to the store.  Which does seem a bit strange.

For a while now Sainsbury’s has been my supermarket of choice when needing some supermarket rum.  Their “Superior” Dark Rum is a not to shabby Jamaican mixer and their rum selection is probably the best of any UK supermarket.  Chairman’s Reserve, Appleton V/X, J Wray and Nephew Overproof to give a few examples.  It’s far from a stellar selection but its good for a weekend mixer.

I’ve resisted reviewing own brand supermarket rum so far aside from the “Plantation” offerings from M&S.  However, I bought a bottle of this for a weekend away and felt that it deserved a review (If Bundaberg got one this is more than deserving).

First up, this is the least expensive 8 Year old rum I have come across.  At £16 for a 70cl bottle I had expected the ABV to be 37.5%, however they have not scrimped on this and it comes in at a very respectable 40%.  The only time I have had rum close to this price point is Flor De Cana 7 Year Old at £17.99 which was on offer.  Most 8 year olds are £25 and upwards.  Angostura’s own 5 year old is usually over £20.

The presentation is pretty uninspiring but the screw cap is of good quality.  There is a little information on the rear of the label about the ageing “8 years bourbon casks” but you get the feeling Sainsburys have had to tone down the overall look, so not to clash too much with the 1919 on their shelves.

I approached this with caution as I’m really not keen on the floral/vanilla sweetness of the 1919 though I did find Angostura’s VAT19 to be a very agreeable mixer.  The first thing that hit when opening the bottle was how sweet the rum smelt.  (Note the Hydrometer test reveals no added sugar however I do suspect something is in the mix)

SainsTrin4Pouring the rum, it is a gold/straw like colour.  The nose is actually quite strong on the alcohol fumes.  It smells younger than the label states.  There is a sweetness light vanilla, some sweet pecans and a little light caramel but it is nowhere near as sweet as I was expecting from the initial wafts from the bottle.

Sipped it is a little on the harsh side and slightly more boozy than I would like from a light rum such as this.  Again its age is questionable.  It’s not a great sipper but it does at least have some robustness with the alcohol and some flavour by way of nuttiness and brown sugar sweetness.  There isn’t any real oakiness to the rum.  There is a spicy heat on the palate but nothing which makes you think this rum is very complex.

At only £16 a bottle it well with “mixing” territory for me.  I found the Vat 19 and the 1919 made very easy going mixers and I’m expecting much the same here.

For once I am actually proved correct! Mixed with cola this makes for a very smooth, slightly sweet drink – its a lot less cloying than a Vanilla coke but reminds me a little of the drink.  The slightly boozy feel of the spirit actually adds the depth to the drinka and makes you feel like you are drinking a proper rum and cola.

All in all this is not a bad drink at all and something of a bargain really.  At around £10 cheaper than the 1919 – I certainly wouldn’t be in rush to try that one again.  This is as good a mixer as Vat 19 and a little more refined.  It’s good stuff at a bargain price.

3 stars



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