Rum Sixty Six Extra Old 6 Year Old

Rum Sixty Six Extra Old 6 Year Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRum Sixty Six a rum from the Foursquare Distillery on Barbados has recently seen some additions to its range.  Previously, the only rum in the Rum Sixty Six portfolio was a tropically aged 12 Year Old. A blend of Pot and Column distillate aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

Rum Sixty Six have added two more rums to the line up alongside an updated version of the original.

Released to the UK in September 2017 the new Rum Sixty Six line up comprises a Cask Strength Version of the original 12 Year old (59% ABV), a slightly higher ABV (43% as opposed to 40%) of the “original” 12 Year Old and this 6 year old rum which is up for review today.

Rum Sixty Six Extra Old 6 Year Old is a Pot and Column distilled rum which has been fully tropically aged at Foursquare Distillery.  It is bottled at 40% and is priced at around £28 for a 70cl bottle here in the UK.

Part of the reason for the new releases is a new deal between Rum Sixty Six’s parent company the Bajan Rum Company and Halewood International.  Halewood can ensure that distribution is increase,d so Rum Sixty Six is more easily and readily available.  Halewood have a number of very recognisable rums, gins and vodkas in their portfolio.

The 6 Year Old version of Rum Sixty Six was aged solely in ex-Bourbon casks (Jack Daniels) so it offers an authentic Bajan rum experience with none of the flourishes of recent Foursquare releases such as the Port and Zinfandel Cask finishes.

I’ve tried a number of Foursquare rums of a similar age – Doorly’s 5, Doorly’s 8 and the XO.  My biggest concern with this rum is how close to the Doorly’s 5 it may be.  Will it just be the same blend aged for a further year?

As well as trying the Foursquare rums available above I have also been lucky enough to try Old Brigand, which is a younger blend of Foursquare rum and the recently released Neptune rum – a 3 year old Gold rum.  I was impressed with both so it will be interesting to see if this new offering is as good as those younger rums.

Foursquare as I’m sure you are aware are pretty “hip” at the moment.  They’ve produced at least two of the stand out rums of 2017.  When I first got into rum around 5 to 6 years ago they had quite a stable line up of rums.  Since then the number of different rums and limited editions they have released has bRum Sixty Six Extra Old 6 Year Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirateeen quite frightening! Especially for my bank balance…. I’ve spent probably 10 times as much on Foursquare offerings as I have any other producer.

So what does Rum Sixty Six 6 Year Old have to offer?  Lets find out.

First up presentation is in keeping with the original.  A tall rectangular bottle with a refreshing good cork stopper.  I like the consistent design.  Though I do worry that the less inquisitive may not immediately associate the rum as being an official Foursquare release.

Secondly the price I feel is more than reasonable and certainly very competitve.  Rum Sixty Six 6 Year Old enters probably one of the most over saturated parts of the rum market – the £25-30 price range.

In the glass we are presented with a medium to dark brown liquid.

On the nose there is quite a lot of lightly charred oak and bourbon like spices.  I’m not getting a lot of sweet notes – maybe a touch of toasted coconut and a light waft of vanilla.  I’m also getting some hazelnut and macadamia. As is so often the case with Foursquare I find myself talking about the balance of the nose.  Which is pretty much bang on.  All quite familiar and almost the same but ever so slightly different.  It certainly smells like a slightly “heavier” rum than Doorly’s 5 or even the 8.

Taste wise its not as sweet as its older brother.  It’s actually verging on being a little on the bitter side at times.  It’s pretty spicy and quite dry. Pretty oaky.  I wouldn’t say it was overly aggressive or menacing like some rums but its certainly a lot more oak-centric than the Doorly’s range.  You don’t get any sweetness or even much by way of vanilla.  Some of the notes in the nose haven’t quite moved over to the tasting.  It still retains however a certain balance and what oak and spice is there all plays along nicely.

I spoke to Richard about this and he advised (as I had suspected) that there is more Pot Still rum in this blend than the Doorly’s range.

As a sipper it wouldn’t be my first choice.  But do not let that deter you as it is certainly not without its merits.  There are few rums in this price range you will find to be sippable and pure.

At the price point it could be seen more as premium mixer.  I’ve got to say it makes for a very lively Rum and Coke.  The extra Pot and the spiciness of it really makes for a great drink.

It isn’t Foursquare’s greatest rum but then again it is amongst the youngest I have tried to date.  If you want something a little more oaky and punchier than Doorly’s 5 then this might just be for you.

It’s still a very good rum.




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