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Rum Exchange Guyana Port Mourant Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRum Exchange Guyana Port Mourant. Rum Exchange are a importer of fine spirits and are now an independent bottler of rum. This is their fourth release, following on from some very impressive rums from Jamaica and Belize. Today we are in familiar territory with an independently bottled Port Mourant rum from Guyana.

For those of you that are not aware Port Mourant is the name given to the Double Wooden Pot Still which is housed at Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) in Guyana. The still is used in a number of the El Dorado range as well as Pussers and numerous over “Navy” style rums and blends.

Today we are reviewing a 2008 vintage which was bottled in 2019 after 11 years of maturation. I am unaware what percentage of this is tropical/continental. Rum Exchange Guyana Port Mourant is presented at Cask Strength 58.3% ABV. It is 100% Pot Still rum. In Europe it retails at around the €85 mark.  It is a single cask rum and only 280 bottles are available worldwide, with only 30 being in the UK.

Presentation wise Rum Exchange seem to have settled on a more branded affair with this and the Belize offering. The small square stubby bottle is nicely finished off with a good wooden topped stopper. The card sleeve to house the rum is also a bonus as is the information about the rum on both the bottle and the sleeve. It all looks very modern and is certainly something you would notice on the shelf.

Rum Exchange Guyana Port Mourant Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

In the glass we have a very light spirit for 11 years old. It is a very light brown bordering on being yellow. The nose is big and sharp with a big hit of banana bread and roasted pineapple. It smells more like a Worthy Park rum than a Port Mourant.

Further nosing reveals more Port Mourant character with a nice hit of aniseed and a big waft of almost whisky like maltiness. There is a peppery spice lingering in the background alongside some prunes and dates adding a bit of fruitiness.

Sipped, initially it is very peppery with lots of savoury notes and a big hit of very whisky like notes. Further sips reveal a slight sweetness with notes of dark licorice and some molasses but overall this is a very woody and very spicy spirit.

There is nothing unfamiliar about this Port Mourant but it is not one that I am finding entirely to my liking. This is a very good rum but I would prefer just a bit more sweetness to go with the more savoury “malty” notes. It’s a very dry style of rum and not one which people used to adulterated rum would appreciate.

Fortunately, after a few sips your taste buds adjust to the spiciness of the rum and the sweetness comes out more and more. Time in the glass also helps this rum to develop. Now I am enjoying it more as the mid palate gives me a hit of raisin and currant to mix with the spicy woody heat and the savoury notes which are a little like Weetabix.

Rum Exchange Guyana Port Mourant Rum Review by the fat rum pirateThis is a complex rum and one worth spending time with. Don’t rush this one it is a rum where small sips are required. The finish is a reasonable length but does seem to fade out rather quicker than I would usually expect. It leaves the malty savoury taste behind in the mouth. The aniseed burn as it fades out is pleasant alongside the spicy slightly tannic wood.

Overall this is a quality rum, which might not suit all palates but those that enjoy a Port Mourant which is on the drier side will certainly appreciate this one. It’s not my favourite ever Port Mourant but it is till a very tasty drop. The price is pretty good as well. Some bottlers are charging a lot more for a lot less!



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