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Pusser's Rum 50th Anniversary Rum review by the fat rum piratePusser’s Rum 50th Anniversary Rum. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Black Tot day on the 31st July 2020 Pusser’s have decided to release this Limited Edition rum. Only 3,600 bottles of this rum will ever exist.

For those unfamiliar with Pusser’s, they purchased the rights and recipe to produce a Navy Rum, which recreates the blend used by the British Royal Navy. Founder Charles Tobias formed Pusser’s Rum Ltd in 1979.

This particular rum is an “upgrade” on the Gunpowder Proof version of Pusser’s. Unlike the recently re-released and re-blended Pusser’s 15 Year Old this has been released at “Gunpowder Proof” of 54.5% ABV.

Pusser’s Rum 50th Anniversary Rum is an aged blend of rums which was put together at the West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD) back in 2015. The rums in the blend were already 3 years old at this point, so we are dealing with a 7 year old rum blend. This rum was made to the specification last used by ED F Mann, a famous supplier of rum to the British Navy.

It is a blend of Pot and Column distilled rums from Guyana and Column Distilled rum from Trinidad. There is a heavy emphasis on the rum from the historic Port Mourant Wooden Pot Still.

Currently Pusser’s Rum 50th Anniversary Rum is available at Nauticalia, as the name suggests the website focuses on Nautica themed gifts and accessories. It retails at £54.99 for a 70cl bottle.

Presentation wise we have an opaque black bottle with gold lettering. It’s really difficult to catch and even see in real life but there is a ship on the label. It’s really difficult to make out though! I really like the presentation particularly the gold anchor on the chunky cork stopper. They have went for a flat topped stopper. It looks really good on the shelf!

Price wise I am actually quite surprised that it isn’t more pricy. I’m not complaining though. It will be really interesting to try a more aged version of Pusser’s at Gunpowder proof.https://www.nauticalia.com/limited-edition-50th-anniversary-pussers-rum/

As you might expect I’m quite excited to try this rum and get a review out. It would have been ideal to wait till Black Tot Day and do a review but that’s about 8 months away!

Not a chance so let’s get cracking!

In the glass Pusser’s Rum 50th Anniversary Rum is a very dark brown – mahogany with vivid red flashes around the edges.

The nose is familiar. It has a lovely sweet toffee and raisin aroma similar to the current 15 Year Old, mixed with some of the Gunpowder menace. So we get a nice hit of dark chocolate and aniseed. Undoubtedly from the Port Mourant. This is indeed very heavily influenced by the Port Mourant.

Further sipping reveal some ginger and star anise. There is a nice spicy oak overlapping the sweetness and a warming molasses note. Slightly bitter and smoky.

Sipped it is not as sweet as the nose. This is a rich, warming Licorice heavy initial sip. The mid palate reveals toffee, molasses and dark chocolate. This is tempered by some heavy ginger and some heat from the alcohol. It’s a hairs on the chest kind of sipper.

It’s unmistakably a Navy style rum. It does however have more complexity than most. Finish wise its long and spicy with lots of spice especially ginger and some white pepper. A touch of clove and some slight mustiness.

Pusser's Rum 50th Anniversary Rum review by the fat rum pirateIf you are a Pusser’s fan this will not disappoint. It is almost the best of both worlds in terms of the more refined notes of the 15 Year Old mixed with the punchier notes of the Gunpowder proof. It is certainly giving me food for thought about an increased ABV Pusser’s 15 Year Old.

It’s every bit as good as I hoped it would be and if you like Pussers or Navy style rum in general you will really enjoy the bottling.

Fantastic stuff.

Up Spirits!




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8 comments on “Pusser’s Rum 50th Anniversary Rum

  1. I have a bottle of unopened Pussers Rum, purchased on the 28th March 1982 in Gibraltar, a few days later we sailed to the Falklands War, survived an Exocet missile, spent most of the remainder of its life on a shelf in a pub in Hampshire and was never opened, any idea if it is still drinkable and would it have any value?

    • Yes, it will be drinkable and it may have some value. Provenance is everything so any collector will have to study it. The reason it may be of interest is if it has any old Navy stuff in it. It probably doesn’t but you may want someone to check it out. It will be perfectly drinkable though and considering your back story I would go ahead and open it. I just want to say that you guys are not forgotten and the free world owes a debt to your bravery.

  2. Can anyone advise me on a bottle of BRITISH NAVY PUSSERS RUM. 95.5 proof. 54.5 vol. My dad gave it to me end if the 1980s so iver 40 years old. And i have never opened it. Is it still ok to drink?

    • Yes you can drink it. Spirits dont go bad easily, you can even drink whisky or rum that’s a hundred years old.

  3. […] Distillers Limited (DDL) in Guyana. The still is used in a number of the El Dorado range as well as Pussers and numerous over “Navy” style rums and […]

  4. Thanks for getting the review out so quickly. I’m really tempted to buy it but I’m nervous that it might be just a slightly better version than the Gunpowder Proof. Do you think it’s worth the extra and having a punt? Cheers. WT

    • I think the price makes it more than worth a punt

      • Hi Pirate, I got a couple of bottles today. I cracked one and it is very, very drinkable. Straight out of the bottle it was a bit tight and I was thinking expensive Gunpowder Proof but give it a few minutes and it’s very drinkable indeed. More mature than the Gunpowder Proof and removes that young note.My note is, yet again, that this is just as good as whisky for the same price. Delicious stuff.WT

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