Ron Canuto Seleccion Superior Ron Premium 7 Anos

Ron Canuto Seleccion Superior Ron Premium 7 Anos rum review by the fat rum pirateRon Canuto Seleccion Superior Ron Premium 7 Anos. This rum has pretty much all the suspicious marketing terminology, that pretty much guarantees a no purchase for me nowadays. That said I’ve got a sample of this particular rum, so I might as well see what Ecuador, has to offer the rum world.

Ron Canuto brand themselves as the “Highland Rum”. Ecuador isn’t the first place I think of when I think of “The Highlands” but fair play to them they are up there and at quite a high altitude. 700 metres plus.

This is a local molasses based rum which has been aged in ex-bourbon casks. It is produced at the Zhumir distillery, which was formerly known as the La Playa distillery and was originally set up in 1966.

It is noted as being a Pot Still rum and the bottles have individual barrel and bottle numbers noted on them. Whether this really denotes single cask type production – I’m not convinced. I think this is a blend of rums (the rum has certainly been blended with something 35g/L of undisclosed additives) and I’m not convinced at all its 100% Pot Still either.

Ron Canuto Seleccion Superior Ron Premium 7 Anos has had some limited availability here in the UK where it retails at around £32.95 for a 70cl bottle with an ABV of 40%. It comes in a sleek 3/4 rectangular bottle with a heavy base to help with its premium credentials. It looks pretty much like a lot of other similarly priced “rons” on the todays market. The chunky cork stopper completes the look.

Ron Canuto Seleccion Superior Ron Premium 7 Anos rum review by the fat rum pirateI’ve noted in some “reviews” of this rum that is their youngest rum – however I’ve seen precious little evidence of them releasing any older rums under the Ron Canuto name. Even on the Zhumir website I can only find this “7 Anos” release and some Aquardiente. As pictured the bottle used on the site is a different presentation to the one pictured elsewhere.

So as is often the case I am not left with much else regards any information on this particular rum. Fair play to Canuto at least they haven’t come up with some fanciful back story involving some tenuously connected historical figure. Makes a change.

So lets get on with the nosing and tasting.

In the glass I am presented with a golden brown spirit. Likelihood this has been coloured as it has that “classic” aged rum colour.

Upon nosing Ron Canuto Seleccion Superior Ron Premium 7 Anos, I am immediately hit with a very familiar very sweet note. I’ve nosed similar before in the likes of Ron Millonario and Ron Santos Dumont. It’s a very sweet, almost cloying fake banana note. Like those cheap foam banana sweets. Only with a more confected, sweeter overlay. It’s synthetic and a bit weird to be honest.

I’m also getting some vanilla, marzipan and some brasil nuts. It’s sweet and nutty like one of those “health bars” that are full of nuts and fruit but are covered in sugary syrup.

It’s almost perfumed on the nose. Pot Still Rum you say? Must be the lightest Pot Still rum ever. There is a faint peppery spice and maybe a hint of some kind of woody/oak spice. You’re definitely searching for anything particularly “rummy”.

The sip is initially every bit as sweet as the nose would suggest. There is minimal burn of any kind (always a big give-away when a rum has been adulterated). It is just a quick blast of sweet vanilla and banana sugar water.

I wouldn’t say the mid palate evolves into anything in particular but once the intial sip has faded you get a slight astringency and a bitter, woody note. It’s a kind of woody Ron Canuto Seleccion Superior Ron Premium 7 Anos rum review by the fat rum piratesaccharin which really isn’t particularly pleasant.

Finish wise – small mercies its very short and pretty much non-existent. If you have a sweet tooth and/or prefer spirits (it’s liqueurs’ you really like I’m afraid) that are “sweet, smooth and easy going” this is for you. Mind that bitter note might put off some of the truly clueless “rum” drinkers out there.

Sadly this kind of rum continues to flood the market – ten a penny. They are priced reasonably, well reasonably for what they claim to be. They look pretty and will appeal to those buying gifts. Good sellers at Christmas.

Insipid, sweetened, sugary water. Nothing more, nothing less.






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