Pusser’s 15 Year Old Rum 2018 Re-Blend

Pusser's 15 Year Old 2018 Re Blend rum review by the fat rum piratePusser’s 15 Year Old Rum has been around for some time. (At least 15 years I can hear someone saying……) I first reviewed it a few years ago. I do intend to re-review some of the rums I have covered going forward. To be honest, Pusser’s 15 Year Old was one that would have had that treatment bestowed upon it anyway – miniatures of the rum are readily available. Which makes it easier on the wallet.

The reason why I am re-reviewing Pusser’s 15 Year Old Rum, is not just because it has been given a pretty new bottle though.

The juice inside the bottle has also changed. And now that is not just my opinion based on the bottle design changing (a sure flag to some that the liquid inside has changed, for reasons best known to them) Pusser’s have told us that.

Bottle’s of the new Pusser’s 15 Year Old haven’t made it into the UK as yet. I would expect it to retail at around the £50-55 mark. The new blend has been bottled at 40% ABV. The original Pusser’s 15 Year Old was a blend of rums from Guyana and Trinidad.

From the information I have been given the new blend contains only rum from Guyana. So we are of course talking of rums from Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). I understand that more Pot Still rum from the Port Mourant Still is contained in this new blend (around 50%) with the rest coming from column stills. (I’ll update this when I get some firmer information)

As you can see from the photo the bottle has been changed dramatically. It actually now looks like the cardboard sleeve that you occasionally found the original Pussers 15 Year Old housed in. It looks a bit classier and less gawdy. As with the previous bottling it is topped with a cork closure. Pretty much standard now for PremiuPusser's 15 Year Old 2018 Re Blend rum review by the fat rum piratem Rums.

An issue with the original Pussers 15 Year Old was the readings using a Hydrometer. I tested and found around 29 g/L and Johnny Drejer noted a slightly lower reading and noted 24 g/L. This time around the re-blend has led to a considerable reduction with only 8 g/L this time around. I will re-test this when I get a full bottle.

Now people have called Pusser’s out about additives before. They state on their site that their rums contain only natural colourings and flavourings. I guess sugar is one such flavouring.

Also I have noticed similarity with this rum and some independent bottlings, that have tested positive for additives. DDL have through their brand ambassadors suggested that they coat their barrels with molasses and/or add some caramel into the rums as it ages. I would say the toffee/butterscotch note I get, would fit with a practice similar to this. There are a lot of rumours and stories about what DDL might or might not do. Do not taken anything noted here as gospel. I don’t know first hand. I make no claims to know. I am just sharing what others have told me. I will correct anything should it prove to be wrong.

Another thing to note about Pussers 15 Year Old Rum is that it is not and never has been a 15 year old version of the Gunpowder proof rum. It’s always been a different rum to any of the others in the line up – which are the same rum at differing ABV’s.

Anyway lets stop waffling on and get on with the review.

In the glass Pusser’s 15 Year Old Rum is slightly darker and less tinged with red than what I remember from the previous incarnation. It’s a dark brown with some less obvious orange tinges.

On the nose Pusser’s 15 Year Old Rum is a bit more rounded and balanced than the previous blend. It’s not quite as harsh and boozy. It’s more rounded and less aggressive.

Notes of sweet licorice, milk chocolate raisins, sweet English breakfast tea and toffee. A distinctive Butterscotch type note that I have noticed before as mentioned earlier in the review. This is balanced by a stronger alcohol forward aniseed note which adds a little heft to the blend.

It’s very similar to the previous offering in many respects but it does definitely have a more balanced nose.

Sipped it is very flavourful. Again we treated to the licorice/aniseed notes of a Port Mourant rum. A style I enjoy very much. Toffee and milk chocolate add to the sweetness.

Fortunately there is enough spicy warming oak and red wine like notes to make this a pretty complex sipping experience. There is an almost malty note to it like – at touch of roasted chestnuts.

Pusser's 15 Year Old 2018 Re Blend rum review by the fat rum pirateThe mid palate leads into coffee and cinnamon. This is like a Christmas cake in a bottle. A very warming and very “seasonal” rum. Ideal for this time of year I must say.

If you are looking for comparisons then Bristol’s Port Mourant Rum’s have similarities as does Plantation Guyana 2005.

The finish is really good on this one as well. It’s the most woody part of the rum and the hit of oak spice, vanilla and orange zest is very pleasant and warming.

This is a considerable upgrade on the previous 15 Year Old. It may not be quite as perfect as the Gunpowder proof but it is a very, very good rum.

If you are looking for something with less sweetness, than say El Dorado 12 or 15 then you might wish to try this. I think most fans of Demerara rum will get some enjoyment out of this.

A great upgrade.





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6 comments on “Pusser’s 15 Year Old Rum 2018 Re-Blend

  1. I have just read a couple of articles online from 2020/21 and they stipulate no additional flavouring agents or sugar are added to this rum. What are you thoughts since your original review? Have you heard anything new? Cheers….

  2. […] on the Gunpowder Proof version of Pusser’s. Unlike the recently re-released and re-blended Pusser’s 15 Year Old this has been released at “Gunpowder Proof” of 54.5% […]

  3. I liked Pusser’s 15 years old but I liked it even more when I mixed it about 50/50 with Gunpowder rum.

  4. How does it compare to the El Doardo 21? I believe that has less sugar than the 12 and 15 right?

  5. They are cheapening the product (like the worlds largest distiller,DIEAGO does). I would not be surprised to to find out its nothing more than grain neutral spirit and Liquor Quik flavoring from Amazon .com.Available in 55 gallon drums.

    • I think you’ve had a bit too much Liquor Quik to arrive at that conclusion

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