Penny Blue XO Single Estate Mauritian Rum – Press Release

Penny Blue XO Press Release by the fat rum pirateThe Indian Ocean Company and Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits are delighted to announce the release of the fourth batch of Penny Blue XO Rum.

Named after the world’s rarest stamp, Penny Blue is distilled at Medine, the oldest operational distillery on Mauritius, dating back to 1926. The estate is situated a few metres from the sea on the west of the island, near Bambou.

Doug McIvor, Spirits Manager from Berry Bros. & Rudd and Jean Francois Koenig, Master Distiller at Medine Distillery, have once again carefully handpicked a number of casks, choosing a few particular types at the peak of their maturity. The single estate limited edition XO 4 Mauritian rum is a vatting comprising rum matured in bourbon and whisky casks. The oldest rum in this batch is 11 years old and the youngest 4 years old.

Penny Blue is a small batch vatted rum, it is natural in colour and un-chill-filtered. All the production happens on the one single estate: from growing the sugar cane to distillation, maturation and bottling. There is no artificial sweetening involved in the process.

Doug McIvor explains; “The key to the success of the Penny Blue series is retaining a level of continuity in each release, yet ensuring each batch is distinct in character. Batch four is wonderfully rich and opulent, with high levels of complexity which have become associated with each of the Penny Blue releases.”

Penny Blue tasting notes 43.3%Penny Blue XO Press Release by the fat rum pirate

Appearance: Amber with golden highlights.

Nose: Tropical fruits, hints of eucalyptus and wood spice, citrus and vanilla.

Palate: Nicely textured and succulent with some balancing wood spice dryness to the finish.

Penny Blue XO Batch #4 is already a highly acclaimed, award-winning rum having received a Gold Medal from the Rum Masters 2015 before being launch in to the market.

Printed in Mauritius in 1847, the Penny Blue stamp immediately became a collectors’ item because of its inscription. A mistake by the engraver resulted in it reading “Post Office” rather than the usual “Post Paid”. From the thousand stamps printed at the time, only twelve are believed to be in existence today. The Penny Blue stamp is as rare and highly collectable as this small batch rum.

Batch three was only available in Mauritius, whereas the fourth batch will be available internationally excluding the USA from the 1st July 2015. Batch four is again a limited release with only 10,000 bottles available with the recommended retail price at £41.95/€52.95.



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3 comments on “Penny Blue XO Single Estate Mauritian Rum – Press Release

  1. Hello, thanks for your reviews, it is interesting to read it. I am wondering, Penny Blue XO #003 is sold only on Mauricius. Do you think is there any possibility how to get this bottle to my collection? Mauricius is far away from my home 🙁 Thanks for your answer.

    • Only if you can find an online store willing to ship from Mauritius. Or some clever importer manages to get some.

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