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Rum of the Month. The Fat Rum Pirate.Following your feedback we have decided to introduce a Rum of the Month.  Every month we will trawl the archives and select a rum which has scored between 3 and 5 stars (Good to Superb). As well as posting the original review we will also give the reason behind the selection.  It may have some relevance to the particular month or it may just be an old bottle I re-discovered in back of the drinks cabinet.



July 2015 Captain Bligh XO Reserve RumOur rum of the month for July is this vastly underrated and sadly overlooked rum from the Caribbean Island of St Vincent.  Very similar to a Bajan style rum Captain Bligh has a slightly more spicier profile which adds an extra layer of complexity to the mix. Available for less than £30 and a truly great sipper or mixer.  This was one of the first reviews back in December on the new look site.  However, this style of rum is really better suited to the summer time.  To read the original review just click on the photo.  Enjoy



June 2015 Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros rum review by the fat rum pirateRum of the Month for June really is a no-brainer.  With your truly taking part in Havana Clubs Iconia Collection Twitter Tasting it seemed timely that I should give one of their premium offerings the spotlight. A purchase I very nearly didn’t make in an airport departure lounge in Cyprus but an inspired pick after all. A great sipping rum which should be the perfect foil for these lovely summer evenings we’ll soon (not) be having here in the UK.  This is great paired with a cigar (so I’m told).  Click on the picture to read the original review.



May 2015 Rum of the Month for May 2015 is the multiple award winning El Dorado 15 Year OldEl Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve Rum by the fat rum pirate review Special Reserve.  A sweet Demerara treat which is wonderful sipped on its own or mixed in premium cocktails.  Whilst the no added sugar crowd may turn their noses up at this rum (due to the added sugar levels) I am still of the opinion that a lot of enjoyment can still be gained from this wonderful rum.  At under £50 this is a rum any rum aficionado should at least try. Click on the image to read the original review.




Myers's Rum Original Dark Rum Review by fatrumpirate fat rum pirateApril 2015 This month’s rum of the month hails from Jamaica.  Myers’s is up there with Gosling’s Black Seal and Cruzan Blackstrap Rum in terms of internationally recognised “Dark Rum”.  Myers’s is a delicious Pot Still Jamaican rum which gains its deep rich colour partly from the re-introduction of dark molasses following distillation.  It is in many ways a typical Jamaican rum but the extra molasses gives this rum an extra layer of intensity and a more treacly flavour.  Good on its own but excellent when mixed in cocktails and makes a fantastic rum and cola.  Enjoy!  Click on the image to read the original review.

R L Seale's 10 Year Old Barbados RumMarch 2015 Rum of the Month for March was a bit of a no brainer.  It was just a case as to which of Foursquare’s offerings we would select. In the end we went for the one in the funny bottle the flagship R L Seale’s 10 Year Old. A Bajan classic.  A lesson in rum making if ever there was one.  Dry, oaky and spicy this is a truly great rum. Click on the image to read the full review

Rum of the Month February 2015. La Hechicera.

Rum of the Month February 2015. La Hechicera.


February 2015 Our rum of the month for February was a pretty easy decision.  With Valentines Day looming on the 14th of February, we felt it fitting that our rum of the month should be La Hechicera (The Enchantress in Spanish).  I am sure that anyone who encounters this excellent Colombian rum with be enchanted by its deep rich flavour and beautiful aroma. Click on the image to read the full review

Rum of the Month January 2015. Chairmans Reserve.

Rum of the Month January 2015. Chairmans Reserve.




January 2015 For January 2015 we have decided that the one of rums that started our journey towards creating would be the debut Rum of the Month.  So step forward Chairman’s Reserve.  Possibly the most mentioned rum on the website ever! Value for money, availability and great presentation (you have to love the stubby Chairman’s bottle) give way to a fantastic and authentic Caribbean mixer…..please enjoy a bottle this coming month. Click on the image to read the full review.



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6 comments on “Rum of the Month July 2015

  1. I’m loving Chairmans reserve and so affordable.

  2. Thanks , great review – look forward to tasting this one.

    • It’s great stuff let me know how you find it. I haven’t tried the Afrohead rum yet. Don’t think its available over here

  3. Never tried chairmans reserve I’ll have to give it a go this year.

    • Get yourself to Sainsbury. You have no excuse, try it this weekend with cola, ice and a chunk of fresh lime.

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