Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Sawaku Bielle Premium

Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Sawaku Bielle Premium rum review by the fat rum pirateLevy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Sawaku Bielle Premium. A return for the Levy Lane Rum Co today, with their most recent releases of independently bottled rum.

Today we are focusing on their Sawaku Bielle Premium release. Produced at the Bielle Distillery on the island of Marie-Galante, which is situated closely to Guadeloupe.

Bielle Distillery operate a dual distillation for their rhum agricole which isn’t all that common amongst agricole rhum producers. The rum is distilled initially on a Alembic Copper Pot still before being distilled again on one of the distilleries Traditional Savalle Column Stills.

Prior to this the rhum is produced from local sugar cane on the island of Marie Galante. The sugar cane is freshly pressed at the distillery and fermented in large open vats for a period of 36-48 hours using bakers yeast.

This particular bottling was aged for 3 years in small white oak casks before being “rested” for 7 and a half years in a large oak “foudre”. For those unfamiliar with the term “foudre” it is basically a large wooden vat which can hold over 1,000 litres of spirit/wine.

As with other releases from Tamosi the “Sawaku” is another representation of Caribbean culture/folklore. More information on the Sawaku (essentially a Heron like creature, who marks the beginning of hurricane season) can be found on the Tamosi Rum website here.

Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Sawaku Bielle Premium has been bottled at 52.5% ABV. There were 279 bottles available at the time of release. I currently cannot find a UK retailer but it is available at Zeewijck in the Netherlands priced at €135. From what I can gather all the ageing/resting has taken place in Marie Galante.

Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Sawaku Bielle Premium rum review by the fat rum pirateThe rum comes in the familiar opaque wine/Velier style bottle with a short neck and a tapered body. The presentation is clear and uncluttered with information around the bottling on the front label, along with an illustration of the Sawaku. The rear label gives more background regarding the Sawaku myth/story. It’s nicely packaged and done in way familiar with most Independent Rum collectors/afficionados.

I’m not sure I’ve reviewed a rhum from the Bielle Distillery before (I do have a few samples in addition to this one I need to get around to reviewing). So without further ado why don’t we see what this rhum is like?

In the glass we have a dark brown liquid with a reddish/orange hue. It’s quite dark for 10 (and a bit) year rhum, which confirms tropical ageing pretty much.

The nose is very perfumed. There is a lot sweet sugar cane but its not particularly grassy. It’s lighter and sweeter with more notes of tropical fruits, peach and some rose petals. Yes perfumed and slightly flowery…….sounds a bit soft doesn’t it?

It’s definitely quite a light profile but that doesn’t mean it lacks complexity or depth. Beneath the sweet perfumed notes lays a nice hit of ginger, lemongrass and some oak and spice. Vanilla wafts in and out amongst the notes of oak and touches of cinnamon. There is a hint of herbal tree bark and a trace of something a little “nutty”. Hazelnut spread perhaps.

Sipped at the full ABV it is very drinkable. The initial sip is sweet and like the nose quite perfumed. It’s rich and fruity with lots of raisin and a real weight of juicy plump peach and apricots. Complexity is added by a herbal, peppery hit of a more “grassy” agricole like note of fresh sugar cane – but not overly sweet. It adds a nice extra layer which progresses nicely down into the mid palate.

The mid palate really adds the wood influence. That said its a soft, elegant mix of vanilla,

Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Sawaku Bielle Premium rum review by the fat rum pirate

peach, oak and some very light spices. The overall balance of this rhum is outstanding and it is incredibly moreish and dangerously drinkable!

The finish is a decent length with a nice fade out of the oak and spice. Fruity tropical notes of Mango, Papaya and some more conventional white grape remain in the mouth long after you have sipped.

As drinkable as this rhum is, it really is one you should try and savour and take time between each sip. The initial sweet entry of this rhum make it easy to reach quickly for another sip. Thing is you are best taking your time with this to really appreciate it.

On the evidence of this bottling I think my other samples from the Bielle Distillery might be getting opened sooner……….rather than later.

This is a really good example of Rhum Agricole. It is quite light but it does have a great complexity and balance.

Very elegant. Great stuff again from Levy Lane Rum Co.







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