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Levy Lane Rum Co. Tamosi Port Cask rum review the fat rum pirateLevy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Port Cask. I recently reviewed the “regular” blend of Tamosi rum. This is pretty much the same blend with a Port Cask finish and a higher ABV. Should be good? We’ll sharp find out.

As well as the regular Tamosi release, the Levy Lane Rum Co. have also got two “single cask” rums which I will be reviewing as quickly as I can.

Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Port Cask is a similar blend to the “regular” Tamosi with a  higher Jamaican component. The make up of the rum is as follows

8 year old Barbados rum (Pot/Column blend)

6 Year Old Panama rum (Column still)

and 3 unaged Jamaican rums (not totally sure of the Pot/Column ratios but the rums hail from Worthy Park, Hampden and Clarendon.

This blend of rums was then rested in a Port Cask for 8 months in Europe.

Tamosi is named after the Carib creator “Tamosi Kabotano”. This roughly translates as “Ancient one of the skyland”, who created the earth and everything upon it. The Carib people, who believed themselves also to have come from the skyland, found Tamosi to be an absent creator. Often leaving their pleas for help unanswered.

No different to other “gods” then I guess……………

Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Port Cask is now available in the UK from The Whisky Exchange, it retails at £69.95. It has been bottled at a higher ABV than the regular Tamosi and sits at 55% ABV.

The rum is presented in an opaque bottle with a synthetic cork stopper to seal the rum. Presentation wise, it is similar to the regular Tamosi release. The rear label gives more information regarding this rum and Tamosi Kabotano. Levy Lane Rum Co have set up a website should you require further information. You can find it here.

Levy Lane Rum Co. Tamosi Port Cask rum review the fat rum pirate

For this particular release only 310 bottles have been produced. Ever since the release of Foursquare’s Exceptional Cask Port Cask release, the rum world have been very receptive to any rum in a Port Cask. So I wouldn’t “faff” about if you are hoping to pick up a bottle of this. I doubt they will last on the rum up to Christmas, Especially since it is now readily available at The Whisky Exchange.

I’ve heard good things about this rum so lets crack on and get it poured in the glass…….

The nose is light and quite sweet. At first nosing you’d perhaps think it was a Foursquare ECS finish. I doubt this is anything other than a compliment, bearing in mind how much I enjoy those rums………

Some light oak notes mingle alongside notes of cherry, raisins and some red grape. The ABV makes itself known a little giving your nose a little twitch.

Further nosing reveals the Jamaican influence with a nice layer of banana and a slightly medicinal “funky” note. Rather than overpower the Port influences this actually works nicely to add complexity to the nose.

As far as the Panama rum is concerned you get a light airing of tobacco and some flowery notes but these are quite a way down the overall mix.

Overall the Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Port Cask has a very inviting nose. This will really appeal to anyone who likes a Port Cask finished rum.

Sipped, this rum rely belies its ABV. It’s still quite fiery but I don’t think you would think this was bottled at 55% ABV. It’s really quite mellow. Easy going and I’m finding far too easy to drink. Which to be honest how I have find quite a few Port Cask finished rums. Not many of these rums have lasted long on my shelf!

The initial notes are sweet with a lot of the Port Cask. So we get lots of dark stoned fruits such as cherries, raisin and sultanas. As you progress onto the mid palate though the rum becomes a bit spicer with more notes of oak spice and some white pepper.

As the mid palate progresses you’ll notice notes of liquorice and coca-cola. A touch of hazelnut and some praline. A touch of milk chocolate as you move into the finish. The Jamaican elements of this rum give it an extra edge as well giving just a bit more “bite” to the rum than pLevy Lane Rum Co. Tamosi Port Cask rum review the fat rum pirateerhaps, a straight Barbados/Panama blend would have done. It has a touch of “menace” that compliments the sweeter, smoother notes.

The finish is a good length and has a nice warming “winter” like note. A bit like Christmas cake/pudding?

This is arguably an ideal type of rum for this time of year. Ideal time for me to be reviewing it I think!

This is a really great use of the Port Cask and I’ve got to say Levy Lane Rum Co. have made an excellent start, with this and the regular blend.

Seems like really good rum blends are coming back in vogue………




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