La Mauny V.O. Rhum Vieux Agricole

La Mauny VO Rum Review Agricole RhumAhhh the French you could almost hate the entire nation for Michel Platini and his Anglophilic tendencies alone.  So the French being the French they couldn’t make r(h)um the English way they had to do it their way.

And so was born Rhum Agricole (Agricultural Rum) a more expensive way of making rum.  Agricole rum is made from fresh pressed sugar cane juice rather than molasses.  Due to the price of the various rhum agricole’s on offer I was expecting something quite spectacular.  However, from looking online it seemed quite overlooked and not a lot if it seemed to be getting on any notable award lists.

So I thought I best try a bottle myself.  I bought a cheapish (£25) bottle from the Whisky Exchange, I noted as soon as I bought a bottle it disappeared from their website.  Upon receiving the rum the dust on the admittedly very nice cylinder housing the rum confirmed that they might have had it around for a while.

Nevertheless the rum came in a very nice cylinder with a really lovely bottle and a cork stopper.  It promised so much, it looked to elegant so graceful, so very French.

I’m not sure if I’m the only person as a youngster to chew on grass during breaks from playing football but this is what this rum reminded me of.  I suppose as its made with fresh pressed cane juice rather than molasses this maybe isn’t so unusual.  Unfortunately the taste of the rum also is predominantly grassy.  It’s not horrendous or hugely unpleasant just weird.  To me personally it just isn’t rum.

I originally thought that perhaps the rum was “off” (the dust on the bottle and the disappearance from the website) however I tried another Rhum Agricole shortly afterwards and again felt I was back on the football field chewing the cud.

It’s weird I’m not even sure it should be classed as rum maybe it really is something else this rhum…………

1 stars



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2 comments on “La Mauny V.O. Rhum Vieux Agricole

  1. lol…very funny…comment on grassy yet half the bottle is consumed…on my bar if it sits it’s no good…and if its good…it’s GONE…

    • Yes well as I review all the bottles I buy I tend to persist with them. I’ve had this bottle a few years now

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