Cockspur 12 Handcrafted Bajan Rum

Cockspur 12 Rum Review BarbadosCockspur 12 (also Cockspur VSOR in some markets) is the premium rum of the Cockspur range (admittedly they only have 6 lines in total and at least one of those isn’t available outside of Barbados!).

It’s funny but despite Cockspur being my favourite sub £15 rum I didn’t actually have high hopes for this.  I’m not sure why but I just thought that I would be left a disappointed by an “expensive” version of something I enjoyed so much in its cheapest form.

The Cockspur 12 comes in a stubby bottle, with quite an upmarket uncluttered appearance on the label.  It also adds a surprising touch of class with a cork stopper.  Even the Cockspur Cockerel has had a make-over.  Having seen a bottle of the VSOR I wasn’t expecting this to be quite so elegant.

The rum is a typical Bajan style rum, similar in appearance to most golden rums.  However, the rum does have a very orange almost red tinge to it.  Light and fruity.  I always find that Bajan style rums are best for mixing in long drinks.  I’m sure that’s how they do it in Barbados.  Whether they do it with the more expensive Cockspur 12 is another matter……..

As mentioned earlier I’ve always enjoyed Cockspur 5 star rum and this rum has all the same attributes as the entry level version, except its a lot smoother and the ageing gives it a whole new depth in taste.  It is a very fruity rum, I found it similar to R Seale’s Rum Sixty Six (which I enjoyed immensely).  The rum has flavours of tropical fruit, it bursts with flavour.  There is no nasty aftertaste or burn.  It can be sipped, mixed with cola or other drinks and will give a very tasty profile to cocktails.

There are a lot of Bajan style rums available.  In particular at the price point of this Cockspur 12 (£30-35).  Rum Sixty Six as mentioned, R Seale’s 10 year old (from the same distillery), Mount Gay XO and Black Label and Plantation have a very nice 5 Year Old at around £20-25.  Even M&S have a very decent Bajan rum (see my review).  Still I think Rum Sixty Six aside this is a cut above all of those.  I can’t really call between this and Rum Sixty Six.

What more can I say another very nice rum!

4 stars




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2 comments on “Cockspur 12 Handcrafted Bajan Rum

  1. Tried this last night. In terms of smoothness, I’d say in the middle of Mount Gay XO (smoothest), and Appleton 12 year (least smooth).

    Also had Dos Maderas 5+5 recently, and it looks like you’ve never reviewed. Very nice after dinner drink.

  2. I’ve tried to re purchase this rum but it is all out of stock. Does anyone know if it is now discontinued or where I can get it.

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