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JAH45 Silver Rum Review by the fat rum pirateJAH45 Silver Rum. This is the latest rum in the JAH45 line up to get a review here. It follows on from the Gold and Dark iterations of the brand.

The brand has it’s own website, which outlines its full portfolio of 5 rums from Silver to Spiced and everything in between.

JAH45 Silver is a blend of Column distilled rum from Clarendon and Pot Still rum from Monymusk, New Yarmouth and Hampden. I am unsure of the age but I think the oldest rum in the blend is around 3 years old.

JAH45 rums in quite distinctive albeit fairly standard bar style bottles. The design is bright and colourful and immediately puts you in mind of Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall. It does stand out from your standard white rum on the shelf.

In the UK you should expect to pay around £20-22 for a bottle of this rum (I was lucky enough recently to find some on Amazon on sale for just £15). It is bottled at a not to shabby 40% ABV. Which to be fair is about all you should expect at this price point.

The JAH45 brand has been around for around 18 months now and supply of the rum has been a bit sporadic especially of the Overproof version. I have tried to but as yet I haven’t got around to getting a bottle. I have seen some for sale recently though. This review might indicate to you whether I will be buying a bottle or not.

As tends to happen when you begin reviewing numerous rums from the same brand – I don’t really have a lot to say that hasn’t already been covered in my previous reviews of JAH45 Dark and Gold. Carl Stephenson who worked for Wray and Nephew for a while is the genius behind this rums. As with most rum brands without a distillery, especially in Europe the rum has been blended and bottled by our friends at EA Scheer.

In the glass we have a clear white rum. You could mistake if for a vodka or any other white spirit. Until you give it a quick nosing………..JAH45 Silver Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

The first thing you will probably do after nosing this rum will be to check the ABV. You then might even begin to wonder if you have picked up the JAH45 Overproof. No this is the 40% standard white rum.

This is a funky and very vibrant white Jamaican rum. The initial nosing is full on stewed pineapples and bananas. This however quickly gives way to some more nuanced notes.

Possibly from the Clarendon/Monymusk column still part of this Jamaican rum blend. Vanilla and honey mingle alongside some toffee. Pear Drops (English boiled sweets) and a touch of lychee. The mid palate is a confusing blend of Jamaican rum funk and more refined lighter sweet alcohol. It’s complexity is really quite something for a rum so inexpensive.

It sips surprisingly well – though its only let down in that respect is the short finish which fades pretty quickly into a more bitter alcohol note.

The real fun to be had with JAH45 Silver Rum is in the mixing. It makes one of the best rum and cola’s I have ever had with a white rum. It’s so flavourful and the “funky” elements of this rum really seem to burst out when mixed with cola or fruit juices. Think of this as Wray and Nephew’s little brother but with a little extra sweetness.JAH45 Silver Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

That is not to say this Jamaican rum has been “dosed” it hasn’t. However, much like Plantation’s Xaymaca, it’s funkiness is harnessed by a touch of finessee. Though JAH45 Silver Rum, is still a step or two up in the funk stakes for me.

This is one of the best white rums I have ever tasted and I think the blend from the various Jamaican distilleries is excellent. Price wise it is ridiculously competitive as well.

A no brainer of a purchase at just over £20. I know a lot of people will be a bit sceptical about this rum (and possibly this review) but I really believe most people who try this rum and enjoy good authentic Jamaican rum, will really enjoy this.

Honestly give it a try





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