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JAH 45 Jamaica Rum Dark Rum Review by the fat rum pirateJAH45 Dark Rum Jamaican Rum. JAH45 is newly formed brand focusing on Jamaican rum. It is spearheaded by Carl Stephenson who is the man behind the Elements Eight range of rums. Carl previously worked for Jamaican rum powerhouse J Wray and Nephew. This new venture sees him pitting hit wits against them.

JAH45 rum hopes to evoke the vibe of the Sound System parties of the 1950’s in Kingston, Jamaica. From what I gather Jah is Rastafarian for God and the 45 refers to the RPM of the records played at the Sound System parties.

JAH45 Dark Rum will see itself judged against the likes of Myers’s, Blackwell, Coruba Dark and even perhaps Appleton Signature. It’s darkness may also see people use it as alternatives to the likes of Goslings and even Captain Morgan Dark.

On the label there is emphasis on the “funky” side of Jamaican rum. JAH45 Dark Rum is a blend of rums from Hampden, Monymusk and New Yarmouth. The brand is hoping to re-introduce the “dagger” style of rums which were popular in the early 20th century. JAH45 Dark Rum is a blend of Pot  and Column Still rum aged upto 3 years.

The JAH45 range actually comprises of 5 different rums – a Dark Rum, “18ct” Gold Rum, Silver, Spiced and Overproof. JAH45 Dark Rum should set you back around £20. It is bottled at 40% ABV.

As you can see JAH45 comes in a standard bar style bottle with a metal screw cap. Ideal for using for mixing in bars and restaurants. JAH45 has already been stocked by Las Iguanas chain of restaurants for use in a drink mixed with Ginger Beer……..Quite an achievement for such a new brand. JAH 45 is distributed by MangrovJah 45 Dark Rum Jamaican Rum review by the fat rum pirate e who also have Aluna Coconut and Elements Eight in their portfolio.

The presentation of the rum is very good with bright gold colours used to emphasis its Jamaican provenance. It is noted as being presented by the Hellshire Club – Hellshire is a famous beach in Jamaica.

JAH45 Dark Rum is (unsurprisingly) very dark in the glass. Like all young dark mixing rums it has been coloured with Caramel. The nose also indicates that there may have been some molasses added back into the mix as well. It is a very dark brown with vivid red flashes – giving it an almost mahogany like gleam.

Nosed you instantly get a lot of molasses, treacle and toffee. Beneath this is a pretty funky style of rum. Pineapple Juice, Burnt Bananas and a slightly menthol almost minty aroma. Slight notes of licorice and a touch of sweet coffee are also noticeable.

It’s not a huge nose, like a Cask Strength Hampden. It reminds me equally of Captain Morgan Dark and Myers’s.

Whilst it is very much a mixer it doesn’t make a bad stab at a sipper. I quite like dark molasses heavy rums (such as the aforementioned Myers’s) and this delivers a lot of the dark treacly notes It’s actually surprisingly smooth and whilst not hugely complex it’s not bad. I particularly enjoy knocking a glass back – like a cowboy.

JAH45 Dark Rum is really a mixer. I’m still quite surprised that they have been able to get the range out as such a competitive price. Even more so since actually tasting the range.

Rum and Cola is my usual delivery system so I’m more than happy putting JAH 45 to the test this way. The molasses and treacle notes are very prominent but I really enjoy them – nice notes of the licorice as well. The rum stands up very well to the cola. You get quite a lot of the Clarendon rum notes – more of the Hampden and New Yarmouth might have made it a bit funkier. Nevertheless its still a very solid and very tasty mixer. JAH 45 Jamaican Rum Dark Rum Review by the fat rum pirateYou know you are drinking some Jamaican funk.

JAH45 Dark Rum mixed with Ginger Beer is also a really good drink – in fact I prefer it this way, as it seems to bring out more of the banana and pineapple notes in the rum.

JAH45 Dark rum is certainly a worthy competitor for the dark rums currently on the market. It is noticeably better than the likes of Lambs and Captain Morgan Dark. At £20 I’ll be picking up the full range the Spiced and Overproof are slightly more expensive at £23 and £25.

I think the JAH45 range will surprise a lot of people.




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  1. Never heard of this brand before, but seems worth picking up!

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