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About Brazil Organic Cachaca Silver Rum review by the fat rum pirateABOUT Brazil Organic Cachaca Silver. In Cachaca you will see the term “organic” used quite a bit. Cachaca producers seem very keen to tell you how organic/natural their products are. Not to mention Environmentally Friendly. About Brazil is a relatively new Cachaca brand with an eye on European distribution.

As you can see from the photos, ABOUT Brazil Organic Cachaca is already geared up to the western market in terms of bottle design. Their clean, modern design reminds me of Abelha, Yaguara and Leblon. All brands of Cachaca that are becoming common place in the European and UK market. The design was painted in watercolour by local Brasillian artist Carlos Matuck.

ABOUT Brazil have already developed an English language website. Which has proved invaluable for me whilst researching the brand. Currently the brand is only really available in Switzerland. Where one of the brands founders Jean Salvador is based.

ABOUT Brazil Organic Cachaca Silver is produced at Vaccaro Farm, Rio de Contas, Bahia. The growing of Sugar Cane in this area is protected by an Organic Agriculture IBD Certificate – “Instituto Bio Dinâmico”. Due to the environmental conditions in the highlands of Chapada Diamantina, where Vaccaro farm is located the area became a traditional agricultural region. Infertile sandy soils and scarce rains increase the concentration of sugars in the sugar cane. This reduces the substances that may damage the flavor of the cachaça.

ABOUT Brazil Organic Cachaca Silver is unaged and produced in small batches in Copper Pot Stills. Bottled at 40% ABV. It is very much geared up as premium mixer and the website gives a number of cocktails that About Brazil Silver can be used in.

In the glass ABOUT Brazil Organic Cachaca Silver is an entirely clear spirit. The nose is very clean and fresh. Notes of sugar cane are nicely balanced alongside a good weight of spicy aromas, such as ginger and a touch of clove. It is nAbout Brazil Organic Cachaca Silver Rum review by the fat rum pirateot overly pungent or grassy and has a nice balanced aroma.

Sipped ABOUT Brazil Organic Cachaca Silver is not as pungent and grassy on the tongue either. It is mildly spiced with some slightly bitter white pepper notes alongside ginger, a touch of mint and some more herbal notes. The mid palate is reasonably good and the finish whilst not huge is pleasant and reasonably spicy – though it does fade fairly quickly.

It is a very clean fresh tasting spirit. It is not as full flavoured as some Cachaca’s but what it does do, it does very well. It’s clean and elegant and surprisingly easy to sip neat.

Mixing is really where the benefit of such a Cachaca is to be found. When mixed in a Caiprinha, I find that it releases more of the aromatics and the sugar can flavours in the Cachaca. Giving a very clean, fresh tasting and reasonably sweet drink. The notes of sugar cane are very well defined. At no point does it become to grassy or unbalanced. It perhaps lacks some of the more floral notes of some Cachaca’s but it is difficult to dislike this spirit.

About Brazil Organic Cachaca Silver Rum review by the fat rum pirateThis is a fairly subtle but very well-balanced white Cachaca. It puts many white mixing rums to shame with its balance and relative complexity. It has a really good weight of spiciness. Never feels to grassy or unabalanced. We are still a good distance away from some of the “Industrial Cachaca” you may come across.

ABOUT Brazil also have a Gold expression which we will be putting through its paces before long.







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