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Foursquare Rum Distillery Elysium rum review by the fat rum pirateFoursquare Rum Distillery Elysium. Hurrah! For this release Foursquare are using their older label template which includes “Rum Distillery”. Despite the appearance this release is not the latest in the Exceptional Cask Series (ECS). It is in fact a Private Cask Selection release from The Whisky Exchange.

A number of these Private Cask Selection bottlings have appeared in various markets. I’ve not been able to source all of them but I have been fortunate enough to not only receive samples of Elysium but also find myself able to buy a couple of bottles a few weeks after the release. Something which has been nigh on impossible for a while when it comes to the ECS.

Curious about this I asked Richard Seale what the numbers were for this release and he advised around 2400 bottles (suggesting to me that around 4 to 6 casks were used for this release). Though don’t quote me on that.

I bought a bottle around two weeks ago and at the time of writing you can still pick up a bottle here.

Priced at £86.95 it is not particularly expensive, the ECS prices have been creeping up of late and the Foursquare/Velier releases have always been higher in price. Quite why this hasn’t been snapped up instantly is a bit of a mystery to be honest. Perhaps it has fell under peoples radar. I also think there may be an issue with shipping to certain parts of the world due to the current climate.

Despite the constant talk of “hype” around Foursquare they do not have the marketing budget of the big producers. The “hype” has been created mostly by enthusiasts enjoying their rum. Word of mouth. Some people should research what “hype” actually means……..

Foursquare Rum Distillery Elysium rum review by the fat rum pirateFoursquare Rum Distillery Elysium is a Single Blended Rum – so it is a blend of Pot and Column distilled rums. It has been aged for 12 years in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels. 100% Tropically Aged in Barbados. Bottled at a punchy 60% ABV. Non chill filtered with no added colour or other additives.

For the curious, Elysium is a heavenly realm celebrated in ancient Greek philosophy and poetry. Quite what this has to do with rum is anyone’s guess…….Nice name though.

That’s pretty much it then I guess. The only thing left to do is to is for me to review Foursquare rum number 3 million and 87…….or thereabouts. Foursquare really are becoming the “Guided by Voices” of the rum world with a new release seemingly sprouting up all the time. That said Foursquare tend to have a bit more quality control than GBV.

In the glass we have a dark brown/copper coloured rum with an orange hue running through it. It’s a classic “aged” rum colour.

On the nose Foursquare Rum Distillery Elysium is has a sweet perfumed note which is offset by some strong spicy ex-bourbon oak notes. There a touch of black pepper which takes away some of the sweeter notes. I’m getting stoned fruits and marmalade – though maybe with a hint of icing sugar.

Little hints of strawberry and some very subtle vanilla also come through with more time in the glass. The nose has a nice balance to it and despite the ABV it is surprisingly “easy” on the nose.

There is no lack of complexity and this is certainly a rum which I would advise nosing for a while. It’s very enjoyable.

Sipped the rum begins to show its higher ABV (higher than standard 40% I mean). It is quite spicy, some tingly notes of ginger and a little bit of sweet chilli heat. Nice overtones of oak and a touch of barrel char giving a little hint of smokiness.

Further sips reveal more of the ex-sherry influence with a sweeter fruitier profile coming through especially on the mid palate. Some raisin, plum and a touch of red apple.

IFoursquare Rum Distillery Elysium rum review by the fat rum pirate wouldn’t say this rum is particularly “heavily” sherried a criticism often waved at certain Scotch Whisky’s but there are elements that are often found in a Foursquare rum which aren’t as present as usual. Coconut and Vanilla notes in particular. I’m not suggesting this as a downside – it’s just an observation. If you aren’t a fan of Sherry than you might not find this completely to your tastes. That said I can’t say I’m mad on Sherry but I am pretty fond of this rum……..

I’m on to my second bottle after all and as you can see from the photos I’ve been enjoying a canny sized tot…….

Finish wise Foursquare Rum Distillery Elysium is best described as elegant. It slowly and gently fades out but it leaves you with a lovely rich, warming “tingle” in the back of your throat.

The finish is long and comforting – like a warm blanket. Sweet and Spicy (not Sweet and Sour I don’t like that!) but with a re-assuring blast of something a little boozy.

I checked back on the ABV on this bottle a few times, as it really does drink far too easily for something at such high proof.

This is a really excellent and complex rum. However, with so many releases recently from Foursquare I am looking towards their next steps. As I’m sure some of you are aware, Foursquare have a number of genuinely innovative, as opposed to gimmicky projects in the pipeline.

It will be interesting to see how these evolve.








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