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Diplomatico Planas Ron Rum Review by the fat rum pirateDiplomatico Planas. This is a white rum from the famous Venezuelan rum brand Diplomatico. Most wll known, without doubt for their Reserva Exclusiva. In a slightly different rum world to the one we know today,seen as one of the world’s best. In some circles, it perhaps still is.

For many rm enthusiasts though the Diplomatico name is synonymous with “added sugar”. The popularity of the Reserva Exclusiva was due too its smooth and sweet profile. Prior to any reliable testing being carried out, this was thought to be down to some exquisite blending techniques, that others simply could not replicate.

In todays rums world it is more commonly known that it is due to the 40g/L of added sugar. Please note, at this stage I have never tested the rum myself. My bottle was long gone before I had even thought (or known) about Hydrometer tests.

So along with Plantation, Diplomatico do get a bit of a bashing from time to time from more serious rum enthusiasts.

Whilst I am seen as one of the “anti sugar” brigade, I like to try to keep an open mind as well. Though some might suggest I don’t. Many people who critique me on Social Media focus on the Hydrometer Tests, as if they are some kind of witch hunt. They are not. They are there for information. I’d like to think I have always been fair and honest when reviewing rum – additives or not.

Anyway back to Diplomatico Planas, the rum up for review today. Diplomatico originally had Diplomatico Blanco, in a tall thin orange and see through bottle. You can still find the odd bottle lurking online. It was a filtered rum aged up to 6 years and bottled at 40% ABV.

In 2017 Diplomatico replaced Blanco with Planas – they also replaced their Reserva with Mantuano, around the same time. Diplomatico Planas comes in a more familiar stubby bottle complete with the picture of Don Juancho, a 19th century traveller and rum lover. The presentation is sleek and modern. The  synthetic cork stopper is a nice touch for a Diplomatico Planas Ron Rum Review by the fat rum piratewhite rum.

Diplomatico Planas will set you back around £30. One of the most noticeable differences, between Planas and Blanco is the ABV. We are now getting a 47% ABV rum.

Planas is in with Mantuano and Reserva Exclusiva as part of Diplomatico’s “Tradition Range” on their website.

Planas is a blend of Pot, Column and Batch Kettle distillates aged up to 6 years. So it does not appear much has changed from the old Blanco, apart from the name, bottle and ABV. Planas refers to the name of the Valley where Diplomatico’s distillery is housed.

It also should be noted that Diplomatico provide some nutritional information on their website which does identify sugar (grams per 100ml) present in their rums. This is noted as having 0.25 grams per 100ml. It is not noted if this is “added sugar” or not. Either way it works out at less than 5 grams per litre. This is backed up by a Hydrometer test. So if this had additives they are at the low end of the the spectrum.

Let’s get on with the tasting for this one, as I think I have exhausted all my information!

In the glass the liquid is pretty much as clear as you can get. There may be a slight yellow tinge to it but not much at all.

Nosed Diplomatico Planas is quite sweet and vanilla forward. It’s a “classic” style of white rum. Custard and White Chocolate mingle alongside some young sweet alcohol. I like the slightly aggressive boozy nature of this rum. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a huge punchy white rum but it does have enough alcohol on the nose to suggest it will stand up in mixed drinks.

Which to be fair is how it is likely to be used by most people. As I understand it – it has been given extra ABV as that is what bartenders indicated they wanted from a white rum.

It’s not a hugely complex nose – the vanilla is complimented nicely by desiccated coconut and some toffee. It’s light and quite inviting.

Sipped Diplomatico Planas is surprisingly tasty. It has a nice aged note to it – some peppery spice and a bit of chilli. That said the younger rums in the blend make their presence felt as does the ABV. Sweet boozy alcohol mixes alongside the vanilla and coconut.

Finish wise it isn’t huge but it does leave a decent hit of booze and some nice spicy oak notes. Peppery and slightly heated – notes of red chilli. It’s quite a refreshing rum.Diplomatico Planas Ron Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

Mixed – which is I daresay who this white rum will be used, it works really well. The extra ABV gives a nice kick and the sweeter notes of the rum pair themselves nicely with most mixers. Ginger Beer is perhaps the only mixer, where it can’t quite punch above its weight. A rum and coke with Planas is very pleasant.

It reminds me of Chairman’s Reserve White Label or Elements Eight Platinum due to the sweeter coconut notes.

This is a really nice, well balanced white rum. It’s not a high ABV grassy Agricole or a unaged Clairin. It’s not a funky Jamaican Overproof. It’s a lighter “ron” style of white rum with more flavour and balance, than most manage.

At £30 and with the extra ABV this is certainly a good option if you are seeking a “classic” white rum.




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  1. My favorite long drink with tonic to make a change from gin. Although the ridiculous flood of new flavored “gins” being released onto the market every month means we’re bound to have a treacle gin soon.

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