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Ratu Dark Rum Aged 5 Years

Ratu Dark Rum Aged 5 Years Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRatu Dark Rum Aged 5 Years. It is perhaps a reflection of just how competitive (and cut throat) the Drinks Industry is, that a rum produced in conjunction with Coca-Cola has made next to no real impact upon the Rum World.

Ratu Dark Rum is produced by the Rum Co. of Fiji who distil all their products at the South Pacific Rum Distillery in Lautoka, Fiji. The distillery is best known to most Rum Geeks as the South Pacific Distillery. It is the only rum distillery on Fiji. It has been active since 1980. As well as the Ratu and Bati branded rums they also produce Bounty Rum. Which should not be confused with the Mars confectionery bar, or the rum range from Saint Lucia Distillers. I reviewed the Fiji Overproof Bounty rum a while back. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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