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Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCaptain Morgan along with Bacardi probably gets the most abuse of all the rum companies.  It is part of drinks giant Diageo’s portfolio of brands and is one of the most recognised throughout the world.

Whilst the companies Jamaica (or Dark) rum really isn’t worthy of too much criticism (it’s decidedly average), like Bacardi the strange flavoured rums the group have released, particularly over the pond are never going to win them many fans amongst rum conisseurs or purists.

The UK has recently been treated to an assault of the Captains spin off label Parrot Bay – mostly flavoured pre mixed cocktails.  A release of a white rum in 2015 is the first real new rum in the Captains line upfor some time in the UK.  For whatever reason the Black Spiced Rum has never really received much of a release over here.

However, one “Spiced Rum” (this is in the UK can only be classed as a spirit drink) that has been a regular on UK supermarket shelves, very often discounted or on special offer is Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold.  Originally this was marketed as simply Morgan’s Spiced.  In 2011 the Captain became part of the drinks name and in 2014 the transformation was complete – the drink becoming Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Gold.  This presentation meant it was now inline with the US and other territories version, presentation wise.

From the point of view of presentation, its okay.  I actually preferred the slightly more classy Morgan’s Spiced but this is solely aimed at the younger end of the market so the presentation is in keeping with that.  The bottle is a standard bar bottle and the metal screw cap and threads are of good quality.  To me the presentation is a little gaudy but it does catch the eye I suppose.Morgan's Spiced Gold Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

The rum is made up of a “secret blend of Caribbean rums” likely this will be younger rums from Guyana and Jamaica.  Whilst the “rum” has moved in line with the US presentation wise frustratingly the drink can vary in ABV from market to market between 35-37.5%.

The current UK version used in this review is bottled at 35% and cannot be labelled a rum in the UK as rum must be 37.5% so it is labelled as a spirit drink on the small print.  The bottles widely available in 70cl and 1 litre variants will set you back around £14 and £17 each.  Though the litre bottle is frequently discounted to £15 in the big supermarket chains.

The popularity of this rum was boosted by the decline of Sailor Jerry following the re-formulation which left some of the vanilla behind. This certainly delivers on that front.

As you might have guessed from the tone of this review – this isn’t my favourite drink in the world.  So lets get on with the tasting (the last I ever plan to do of this rum).

The nose.  The marketing tells only of “mellow spice and natural flavours” it claims to get its colour from ageing in white oak.  Yes and a healthy dose of caramel and god knows what else.  The nose on this rum is sharp, sweet and artificial.  It smells almost cloyingly sickly sweet.  It is heavy on he vanilla, granted it is not quite as bad as Old J but its still very overpowering.

I’m not going to insult my palate my sipping this.  The bottle itself calls for mixing and mix is what I’ll do.  In the signature pour a Captain and Cola.Captain Morgans Original Spiced Gold Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

The best way to pour Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Gold is down the toilet.  The sad thing for many UK rum lovers is that unbeknowing relatives will buy them this for Christmas.  I feel for those people. I usually manage to trade mine with my father in law as he has a very sweet tooth and can drown this in Ginger Beer and enjoy it.

It really is just vanilla, vanilla and a touch more vanilla.  There is no subtlety, no hints of spices not even a hint of ginger or anything worth while.  Its basically Vanilla flavoured rum. I hate this stuff and I am going to waste no more of time writing about it.

Small mercy is I should never drink this ever again………

0.5 stars





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