Black Tot 50th Anniversary Rum

Black Tot 50th Annivesary Rum Review by the fat rum pirateBlack Tot 50th Anniversary Rum. This is the fourth release from Elixir Distillers under the “Black Tot” brand. The first was “The Last Consignment” which was a limited edition bottling of authentic Navy rum dating from pre-Black Tot Day. Rum that would have been served as the daily tot. The second release was a 40 Year Old Demerara Rum which I was fortunate enough to get the chance to taste. Alas I am still yet to try “The Last Consignment”. Anyone feeling generous feel welcome to send a sample! Happy to pay the going rate!

For the third release under the Black Tot branding Elixir looked to produce a more affordable Navy Blend which could be enjoyed by your average consumer. So Black Tot Rum “Finest Caribbean” was born. I reviewed it just over year back here.

The 31st July 2020 marked the 50th Anniversay of the abolition of the daily rum ration/tot. This date has since been noted as “Black Tot Day”. To commemorate the occassion Elixir Distillers Head Blender Oliver Chilton has produced a limited edition blend of navy style rums.

Black Tot 50th Anniversary Rum is currently available at The Whisky Exchange priced at £110 for a 70cl bottle. The rum is navy strength of 54.5% ABV. Presentation wise you get a similar short stubby bottle to the “Finest Caribbean” bottling and a sturdy cylinder to store the rum in. The off white/cream, gold and black colour scheme works really well and gives the rum a real “premium” appearance. The black wax seal looks really good. Unfortunately as is often the case it proved a bit of a pain to get off! Information contained with in this review is also on the bottle in respect of the overall blend. We’ll come to that next……

There are a number of different rums and different blends which make up the final blend of this rum. Its pretty complicated! Luckily Elixir Distillers have been kind enough to give us facts on pretty much every drop of rum in your bottle. As far as I am aware, before I go into the exact breakdown of this rum the rums have been aged in ex-bourbon/whiskey casks. There is no information noting any other casks being used.

So here goes

28% 12 year Guyana – Demerara Distillers – Savalle still

Black Tot 50th Annivesary Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

27% 9 year Guyana – Demerara Distillers – Savalle still

15% 11 year Barbados – Foursquare – pot/column still

11% 10 year Trinidad – Trinidad Distillers – column still

8% 9 year Jamaica – Hampden – pot still

6% 10 year Guyana – Demerara Distillers – Port Mourant still

4% 23 year Trinidad – Caroni – column still

0.5% 42 year Guyana – Uitvlugt – Port Mourant still

0.5% Original Royal Navy Rum – world blend

All the rums are molasses based and the rums are a mixture of tropical and continentally aged rums. This information along with the status of the distillery are included on the rear of the bottle and on the rums storage cylinder.

The 0-5% 42 year Guyana – Uitvlugt – Port Mourant is actually the 40 Year Old Demerara Rum aged for a further two years. I didn’t know the make up of that rum when I reviewed it, good to find out now.

I think we have covered everything regarding this rum.

Looking at the blend it is largely made up of rums from Guyana. Rums from the Savalle Column Still at DDL make up 55% of the blend, with a further 0.5% (which I have been assured is vital to this blend) of 42 Year Old Rum from Uitvlugt Distilleries Port Mourant Still. Which has since been re-housed a couple of times and is now at DDL. I would also imagine that some of the 0.5% Original Royal Navy Blend is also from Guyana. I am assuming this is some of “The Last Consignment Rum” or something vary similar.

Quite how each component in this blend contributes to the blend I wouldn’t really know without trying it at various stages of “construction”. As it stands I’ll just evaluate the rum on the basis of what is in the bottle. That sounds a good idea to me.

Black Tot 50th Annivesary Rum Review by the fat rum pirateIf you are quick you may also be able to order a tasting pack where you can try not only this rum but also a “reconstructed” version of Black Tot Finest Caribbean as well as the full blend. The event is being beamed live from Trailer Happiness between 6pm and 8pm GMT on Monday 7th December by Mitch Wilson (Black Tot Rum Ambassador) and Gergo Murath (Trailer Happiness). To order a pack which will give you a link to view the stream please order here.

In the glass we have a dark brown spirit with a very noticeable orange/red hue running right thought it and around the edges. It is not as dark as say a Wood’s or a Lamb’s would be. Suggesting it hasn’t had any caramel colouring added to it. They do state that no additives are present.

Nosing Black Tot 50th Anniversary Rum it is a little lighter and fruitier than I was expecting. In fairness I thought more Caroni rum might be used in the blend giving it a heavier overall profile. It’s a little musty and slightly oily with some tobacco and petrol notes.

However, these initial notes quickly fade and are taken over more by the fruitier, sweeter notes. Notes of cinnamon buns and chocolate raisins add a richness. Fruitiness is provided by some tart grapefruit and some charred pineapple and mango.

It’s quite delicate to be honest and has a really nice balance with a lot going on. It’s definitely the type of rum you will nose intently.

On the palate Black Tot 50th Anniversary Rum is an intriguing blend. The initial sip is heavy licorice and tobacco. Aged smoky notes of well charred oak also come in to play.

The mid palate is rich with lots of dark chocolate and a touch of coffee.

As it develops you notice a sweetness with a lot of plump sultanas and raisin. You notice that “heavy” kind of rich Demerara note you will find with the likes of Wood’s but it passes rather quickly leaving mind syrup drizzled bananas and some mintiness.

Black Tot 50th Annivesary Rum Review by the fat rum pirate


As we move onto the finish you will notice the fresh minty notes come through more these mingle with the dark chocolate and the fading tobacco notes quite beautifully. The finish is a decent length but it does dry out quite quickly was the flavours fade. That said I have a feeling with this one it won’t be long before you have another sip.

In terms of comparisons this is more in keeping with Velier’s 2nd Navy Style bottling “Tiger Shark” rather than the initial Royal Navy Blend.

Of the samples of pre 1970 Navy Rum I have tried, I found they were more Caroni heavy than this blend. This is lighter and fruitier though I must say it’s still reasonably “heavy”.

I’ll be entirely honest and say this has ticked every box for me. Whether is it a faithful recreation of the rum drank pre-1970, I’m really not that bothered to be honest.

It’s a fantastic blended rum.







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