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Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirateBlack Tot Rum – Finest Caribbean. Ahhh,.Black Tot is back again. Almost 50 years since it was decommissioned, back in July 1970. This is the third “Black Tot Rum” in the series of rums released by Elixir Distillers.

It is also (by far) the cheapest of those rums. The first Black Tot Rum was The Last Consignment which was believed to be produced using stocks of authentic British Royal Navy rum. These stocks had been stored in stone flagons, following the abolition of the tot and kept at various Army and Navy bases around the UK. It originally retailed at around £650 and you would now be looking in excess of £1500 for a bottle on the secondary market.

Which takes us nicely on to the second in the Black Tot series, a 40 Year Old rum from Demerara Distillers, Guyana. Which on release, retailed at a pocket (and bank balance) emptying £1500. I was fortunate enough to try that particular rum and I reviewed it here.

So what do we have for this third instalment?

Well we have a much less limited release. As far as I understand it this will be a rum which will be in regular circulation. For those who don’t know Elixir Distillers are an off shoot of The Whisky Exchange store here in the UK. So this particular rum is available via them and various other stores in the UK and Europe.

Black Tot Rum – Finest Caribbean retails at just £39.95 for a 70cl bottle. It has been bottled at 46.2% ABV. It is a blend of Caribbean rum from Guyana, Barbados and Jamaica. The exact ratio of the rums is as follows

40%: Guyana, aged 3-5 Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirateyears Pot and Column blend
20%: Guyana, unaged Pot and Column blend
35%: Barbados, aged 5 years Pot and Column blend
5%    Jamaica, aged 3 years Pot still only

It is understood that Elixir Distillers tried 26 different blends over 2 years, before deciding on this particular blend. It is interesting to note at this stage that Elixir Distillers final blend does not have any rum from Trinidad. Rums from Trinidad are often used in cheaper blend of Navy style rums.

Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean is of course a “Navy Style” Rum. The rums are all from historical British colonies and these islands often sourced the rums used by the Royal British Navy. Elixir Distillers have resisted playing up the Navy theme with this rum. Whilst anyone with knowledge of the Black Tot will know the Navy links many may not be quite as aware.

Presentation wise I really like the way this has been presented. Understated but classy I really like the opaque stubby bottle and the colour scheme really makes this stand out on the shelf.

At the price point we are really looking at something which is going to be competing with the likes of Pusser’s Gunpowder – most other Navy rums are pretty much in the £15-25 price bracket. Lesser known Navy rums such as Walter Hicks and Gunroom might stake a claim for a more expensive Navy style rum.

It’s a competitive market so we will see how this one goes.Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

In the glass we have a dark brown spirit with a reddish hue around the edges. Nosing Black Tot – Finest Caribbean, immediately puts you in mind of rums such as Woods 100 Navy Rum. Big, punchy treacly molasses notes burst out of the glass. Sweet brown Sugar. The rum initially screams Demerara. Dark Chocolate and some coffee aroma.

Further nosing reveals a slightly more delicate note from the Demerara rum. Smooth, sweet caramel (very similar to the new Pusser’s 15 Year Old) and some slightly bitter notes of aniseed/licorice.

The rum is a little on the “musty” side which adds a little more complexity. There is a very slight Jamaican note of burnt banana and fermented pineapple at the very back of the nose. Nice notes again of chocolate and coffee.

Black Tot Rum – Finest Caribbean sips way better than I was expecting. Most Navy rums I have tried I have ended up using as mixers. This rum really has a weight and depth to it that mean it makes for a really enjoyable sipper. It’s not delicate or refined in any way but it is full of flavour and really hits the spot when you fancy a stiff drink.

The initial sip is quite bitter with lots of treacly molasses and a real array of spices – lots of oak and ginger, with a touch of cinnamon and anise. The mid palate is more delicate with some nice toffee/caramel notes and some fruity flavours of raisin and sultana. Christmas Cake-ish in places. Lots of zesty citrus – lemon peel and marmalade.

Black Tot Rum Finest Caribbean Rum Review by the fat rum pirateFinish wise it is a reasonable length but it isn’t the greatest. It’s not bad but after the taste explosion of the sip the finish is a little one dimensional. But for £40 what really should you expect? This is a better rum than quite a few £100 plus Independent bottlings I have had over the years.

Mix this with cola and the lighter toffee notes and the balance provided by the Barbados element give you a really tasty and very smooth drink. It is one of the best rum and cokes you will find.

Elixir Distillers have really hit this one out of the ball park. It’s an absolutely fantastic Navy styile rum which easily competes with the likes of Woods 100, Pusser’s Gunpowder. It is a little less boozy at 46.2% ABV but it certainly doesn’t compromise taste wise.

A really good addition to the range and I suspect it will prove very popular.






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4 comments on “Black Tot Rum – Finest Caribbean

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  2. This bottle sounds very promising and I think I’ll grab one. Did you do a hydometer test?

  3. Personally, which do you like better, the new Black Tot or the Pusser’s Gunpowder? I’ve had the Last Consignment side by side with the Gunpowder and I thought they were very comparable.

    • Pusser’s but it’s very close

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