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Berry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range Barbados Rum review by the fat rum pirateBerry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range Barbados Rum. Berry Bros & Rudd or Berrys’ have been bottling Premium Rum from all around world, for all the time I have been interested in rum.

At one stage they were one of the few Independent bottlers. Their bottlings would typically be at 46% ABV, which at the time was pretty much the standard set in both rum and whisky. Berrys’ have never released a whole range of “Cask Strength” rums like some bottlers have chosen to do.

Rather than compete in that space Berrys’ seem to be focusing on the more budget conscious amongst us. As well as introducing (via Medine Distillery) the Penny Blue range of rums.They have also followed trend and released a Spiced Rum – Spice Hunter with a retail price of around £25. They are now expandiing “The Classic Range” branch of their business which bottles whisky into the rum world.

The first batch of these classic rums include rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Islands/Countries which have all seen considerable interest in their rums over past 10 years.

Today I am reviewing the Barbados Rum in the Classic Range which hails from the Foursquare Rum Distillery. The rum is blend of Pot and Column distilled spirit. It has been bottled at 40.5% ABV.

For various reasons Berrys’ are unwilling/unable to give any further information on the rum. I did ask. So I do not know how old the rums in this blend are or the % of Tropical and European ageing. Likewise I have no information on % of Pot and Column rum in the blend. I am assuming that all the rum has been aged in ex-bourbon casks. There is nothing to suggest otherwise.

The rums in Berry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range retail on their website at £32.

So with little else to say about either the rum or Foursquare DistilleryBerry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range Barbados Rum review by the fat rum pirate we may as well see how this rum matches upto other Barbados Rums at a similar price point. Doorlys 5 Year Old, Mount Gay Black Barrel and Neptune Rum might have a bit of a run(m) for their money on here…..let’s see.

In the glass we have a rum which is best described as yellow. Slightly brighter than straw but definitely not a golden rum.

Nosing we are in very familiar territory – light spices, vanilla, toffee and a touch of coconut. It’s not the biggest nose I have ever experienced in a Foursquare rum. Probably about the lightest to date. Which may have a lot to do with the fairly low ABV.

There is also a slight sharpness on the nose – an almost burnt/smoky note and a little waft of some younger spirit – quite boozy.

I’m judging the rum alongside something like the 3 year old Neptune Rum and Doorly’s 5 Year Old. My initial impressions based on the price point and nose is that this is likely a blend of rums aged between 3-5 years. With the majority of that time (say less a year) being in Barbados.

Sipped this is a pretty spicy affair. Lots of oak spice, ginger and more than a touch of bitterness. It’s a very dry rum. The initial sip is quite deceptive as further sips of this rum reveal a lot more of the rum. There is a lot more sweetness on the second and third sip with some really nice notes of toffee, dark chocolate and some cashew nuts.

Finish wise it’s a little short in terms of flavour. The oak and spiced linger for a fair period but the tastier aspects of the rum quickly fade.

All in all it’s a nicely balanced glass of rum but it isn’t anywhere near as complex as something from the Exceptional Cask Series. In terms of profile it is probably closest to Doorly’s 5 and 8. It’s unfussy, uncomplicated and a fairly straightforward. Easy going Barbados rum. It’s a daily sipper but you might get a little bored after a few glasses.

At the price point you may view it as a Premium Mixer. It certainly mixes very well. It actually shows a lot more flavour when paired with a cola or a ginger beer than you would probably expect. Especially after sipping it.

That said it is in a very competitive price point and there are already a lot of Barbados rums (many from the same distillery). I am not sure anyone other than a Foursquare completist would really need this rum. There’s nothing we haven’t seen or tasted before.

It’s good rum no question and at a reasonable price. If it were say £25 I think more people would bite but that would probably cut out any profit for Berrys!




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2 comments on “Berry Bros & Rudd The Classic Range Barbados Rum

  1. I picked a bottle on special on Amazon for only £20 (normally an also reasonable £28)

    For that kind of money you really can’t go wrong.

    Nothing overly exciting here, but well balanced and pleasant enough

  2. Berry Bros have released a range of blended Malts along similar lines. Young and inexpensive but rather meh in the scheme of things. I can’t help thinking this is the same.

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