Bacardi Carta Oro (Gold)

Bacardi Carta Oro (Bacardi Gold) rum review by the fat rum pirateBacardi re-launched this rum only last year in the UK.  Until then Bacardi Gold (as it was then) was bottled at 37.5% ABV.  This was increased to 40% ABV.  Now the whole Bacardi line up has been re-vamped and Bacardi Gold has been re-named in a more contermporary style whilst still keeping some of the distinguishing Bacardi features.

The re-launch led me wandering down Sainsburys Spirit line to find the new Carta Fuego.  Easily seduced as I am, I found that not only could I buy that I could also get this. the Carta Oro for £15 with a FREE metal tumbler.  Ever the bargain hunter I caved in and bought a rum I had vowed never to allow in my house again!

I’m not anti Bacardi don’t get me wrong but their entry level rums aren’t the best.  My past experience with Bacardi Gold wasn’t great and my dislike for the Black (Carta Negra now) is similar to my feelings for Bundaberg.  I cannot abide the stuff.  Still at £15 for a 70cl bottle at 40% ABV and a free tumbler it can’t be all that bad. Can it?

First up lets look at the new presentation.  In my humble opinion I think the mixing line up did need a bit of a shake up. However, I still prefer the old style presentation for the Bacardi 8 and I really hope the Reserva hasn’t been changed as that was timeless presentation in my opinion and fitted the smokey contents so well.  I do like the new presentation and it works particularly well with the Carta Oro.  I also like the new bottle shape which makes the rum stand tall and proud on the shelf.  The little booklet with some advice on making a Cuba Libre is a nice touch and the metal tumbler has proven to be a great little addition to thefatrumpirate bar.  It does a great job of keeping a mixed drink cold.

Pouring the rum out into the glass it is unsurprisingly a gold colour.  Nothing remarkable just a standard gold rum.  The nose is young and heavy with alcohol fumes.  The signature almost tobacco like Bacardi/Cuban style notes are there.  It’s not the greatest nose I’ve ever smelt.  There are few notes to really pick.  Just strong alcohol and a little tar and tobacco.  Nothing remarkable.Bacardi Carta Oro (Bacardi Gold) rum review by the fat rum pirate

Sipped the rum is very average.  Again the experience is dominated by strong alcohol notes and a quite harsh alcohol burn.  There are very little by way of discernable flavours to be noted.  It’s just a young column distilled rum.

Mixed Bacardi Carta Oro gives a very strong tasting Cuba Libre.  It’s not subtle or unassuming.  You feel like you are drinking strong liquor.  Much like Bundaberg this is alcohol its strong and some may feel its a man’s drink.  Boozy is the best word for a drink made with the Carta Oro.

The Carta Oro despite all of Bacardi’s marketing gimmicks is not a very sophisticated or complex spirit.  If you want a strong hit of alcohol in a glass then reach for the Carta Oro.  From the intense alcohol fumes on the nose to the strong ethanol notes when sipped and the strong boozy flavours when mixed this isn’t anywhere near as sophisticated as it wants to be.  Or the adverts suggest…..

In spite of all this Carta Oro is no where near as bad as I remember.  It is certainly a lot better than Bacardi Black (Carta Negra) or the Carta Fuego (avoid that please it is truly one of the worlds most dreadful Spiced Rums).  This recently got a best in class at the Miami Rum Festival.  I was quite surprised at that I must admit but the organisers will not release what it was up against.  One plus point is that Bacardi haven’t tried to smooth out the rough edges of the Carta Oro with sugar as the results of my Hyrdometer Tests show it has no added sugar.

Personally I would recommend picking up Cockspur Fine Rum ahead of this or even spending a little more and getting Chairman’s Reserve or Doorly’s 5 year old.  This is better than I thought prior to re-trying but its still in the overall scheme of things pretty average.

2 stars




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