A1710 La Perle Rare 2017 Canne Rouge R579

A1710 La Perle Rare 2017 Canne Rouge R579 rum review by the fat rum pirateA1710 La Perle Rare 2017 Canne Rouge R579. Or if you would prefer in English The Rare Pearl Red Cane. The R579 refers to the variety (is that the correct term?) of sugar cane used.

Set up in 2016 by Yves-Assier de Pompignan A1710 is a micro distillery situated at the Habitation du Simon, Martinique. It should not be confused with the nearby Distillerie du Simon, which is a much bigger, more established operation of course. That distillery produces rum for the Rhum Clement and Rhum J.M. brands, amongst others.

The A1710 La Perle range of white unaged agricole rhums have been garnering praise from enthusiasts for a couple of years now. I previously reviewed their La Perle Brute 2017. Which I really enjoyed.

They have been producing rhum since 2016. All production from cane to bottle is done on site. A1710 work organically to ensure no pesticides are used during their harvesting and cultivation of the sugar cane.

A1710 La Perle Rare is an organically produced white rum made with pure cane juice and monovarietal (only one variety: red cane). The plot on which the cane grew is located right next to the distillery. Harvesting and distillation both took place in 2017.

A1710 employ a longer fermentation than most Martinican producers. 5 days compared to 2 or 3 usually for Martinique rums.

Distillation takes place at Distillery A (their isn’t B or C). The name of the producer A1710 refers to Jean Assier, who first came to Martinique in 1710. The A1710 operation is ran by his descendants.

The rum is distilled on a Charantais Copper Still “La Belle Aline” (The Beautiful Aline). It is a hybrid still which has a 7 plate column. Should you require more detailed information on the processes and techniques used at A1710 then they have a very sleek and very informative website you can visit here.

Since the release of this 2017 edition of A1710 La Perle Rare 2017 Canne Rouge R579, there has also been a 2019. You might actually struggle to find a bottle of the 2017 version. It appears the limited run of 1600 seems to have sold out. To be honest I picked up this sample as a freebie with an order and I had forgotten all about it!A1710 La Perle Rare 2017 Canne Rouge R579 rum review by the fat rum pirate

When it was available it retailed at around the €50 mark for a 50cl bottle. It was bottled at 52.5% ABV. The labelling is rather minimalistic and quite elegant and modern. The tall thin shapely bottles are topped with a wax seal and a cork stopper. You also get a leaflet with information tied to the bottle neck.

They are quite a pretty little package – though as I have mentioned before you have to study the label to double check they are a rum rather than a vodka or gin. A1710 use the tagline Rhum Extraordinaire. Though the minimalist nature of the labels mean this doesn’t jump out at you like some branding.

So lets move on and see how this one worked out.

In the glass we have crystal clear spirit with no signs of colour. Unaged so no surprise there.

The nose is quite creamy and almost cachaca like. Milky with a mineral like background to it. It’s sweet with a grassy sugar cane note. In many ways it is not to different from many White Unaged Agricole rhums at around this ABV.

It is though quite restrained and less fiery and boozy than I was expecting. It seems to have a little more refinement than many unaged whites.

It’s quite herbal and there is some slightly salty brine and some green olives. A touch of freshly squeezed lemon juice adds a slightly tart smelling note.

Sipped it is remarkably smooth especially on the initial entry. It is only really once the rhum hits the back of my mouth that I get some alcohol burn. It’s clean and crisp and a real palate cleanser. Like a slightly tart boozy sorbet.

The mid palate and the heat from the alcohol reveal some spicy notes – Teriyaki and some spicy Thai like Spices. The overall feel of sugar cane juice rhum is always there adding an extra layer of sweet grassy flavour.

I’m not sure it is as “funky” as I recall La Perle Brute being. It’s certainly in more comfortable territory than I remember that little weirdo ever being.A1710 La Perle Rare 2017 Canne Rouge R579 rum review by the fat rum pirate

The finish isn’t overly long but like most agricole rhum it doesn’t ever entirely fade. I’m left with a slightly milky grassy herbal sugar cane note and the spicy burn of the mid palate fades to nothing fairly sharply.

Once again to be getting something as easy to sip on as this and well balance from an unaged rhum is a feat in itself. In some ways I prefer the “Brute” which was funkier and more in your face. This is a  more refined take.

It’s nice though well worth giving it a try, or rather seeking out the more recent editions which I doubt will differ that much.






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