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Worthy Park Special Cask Release Port Rum Review by the fat tum pirateWorthy Park Special Cask Release Port. Last year Worthy Park released the first of their two “Special Cask Releases”. They also released their own Single Estate Reserve.

Worthy Park are very keen to release their rums either as their own Rum Bar brand, inconjunction with Habitation Velier and as part of these Special Cask releases. Establishing a strong brand identity for Worthy Park rum.

Some of the Caribbean rum producers, see now as the time to really step up and release their own distillery bottlings. Rather than rely on bulk rum sales and having independents take all the acclaim for bottling their rums. So in future rums released by Independent bottlers other than Velier will not prominently display the Worthy Park name.

Worthy Park Special Cask Release Port was distilled back in 2008. Which makes it the oldest Special Cask Release thus far. As with all Worthy Park rums this is a 100% Pot still rum. It was aged for 9 years in ex-bourbon barrels before being transferred to a Port Cask in Denmark (1423.dk do the second maturation) for a further year before being bottled. The run is 585 bottles, which have come in at 56% ABV. In the UK a bottle will set you back around £100-120. So it is also  the priciest of the Special Cask releases so far.

In the glass Worthy Park Special Cask Release Port is dark brown with an orange hue. The nose has that classic toffee/caramel banana note so recognisable as Worthy Park. Further nosing reveals the Port Cask influence. Wafts of slightly tannic/bitter red wine notes – dates, raisins and some almost malty whisky like notes.

The nose on the Worthy Park Special Cask Release Port is vibrant and nicely balanced. It’s rich and fruity but the port doesn’t overtake the rest of the classic Worthy Park notes. The finish is complementing rather than dominating the rum.

Sipped the rum really does display the Port maturation.  It’s very rich and fruity on the entry. Huge amounts of blackcurrant jam and tart orange marmalade. Fruity raisins, pineapple juice and some lighter notes of banana.

The mid palate is very warming and sharp – again like a red wine. I like the intensity of this rum. Just as the rum runs the risk of being a touch on the bitter side the fades begins into the finish.

The finish is full of milk chocolate and spicy gingerbread. A touch of clove in the mix as well. It’s long and very pleasant. Really nicely done throughout.Worthy Park Special Cask Release Port Review by the fat rum pirate

As with the first two Special Cask Releases the cask finishes have really added an extra dimension to a Worthy Park rum. Not that there is anything wrong with your standard Worthy Park rums of course!

Thing is once you get down the rabbit hole as much as I have with Worthy Park rums you do start to look for different finishes etc. Variety is one of the main reasons I enjoy rum so much so releases such as this are right up my alley.

Of the Special Caks releases (I have a couple more up my sleeve) I think this one is my favourite so far.

Really top stuff from a top producer and kudos to 1423 for the second maturation in the Port Cask.





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One comment on “Worthy Park Special Cask Release Port

  1. Also my favorite cask release, will be finding a bottle of this under the Christmas tree tonight (I buy my own presents 😉 ).
    Are you going to review all of them?

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