Vale do Sol Organicos Cachaca Ouro

vale do sol organicos cachaca Ouro Rum Review by the fat rum pirateVale do Sol Organicos Cachaca Ouro. This cachaça hails from the “Sun Valley” in the state of Rio Grande do Sol in the south of Brasil.The distillery is situated in Parana.

Like a few cachacas, I have noticed that the brand are very proud about being an “Organic” cachaça producer. They are another producer that do not use any pesticides etc and do everything “in-house” at the distillery.

Their bottles both highlight “Organicos” (Organic) in the naming of the cachaça and they also boast the “Organico Brasil” certificate noted on the bottle. This ensures that the cachaça is produced in line with strict organic guidelines.

In Brasil Vale do Sol Organicos Cachaca Ouro sells for around 47$R which is approximately £9 in UK sterling. Were this to come to the UK however, I would expect to see it retail at around £30-35. It is bottled at 39.8% ABV. Presentation wise the cachaça is fairly modern, with a tall bottle with a short neck and a metal screw cap. It’s not expensive looking as such but it does like up to date. More so than many cachacas!

Vale do sol – The Farm Valley of the Sun, has been Certified Organic, in the field and in the processing of Brown Sugar and Molasses and in early 2014 for the production of Cachaça. Based in the city of Siqueira Campos, in northern pioneer of Paraná, the property has always belonged to the Coutinho family. The farm supports three families directly. vale do sol organicos cachaca Ouro Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

Vale do Sol production is to cultivate cane sugar organically and in a sustainable way. they do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Clearing the field using manual carp, and re-using bagasse as organic matter, thus having a healthy soil for the harvesting of the sugar cane. The fermentation of sugar cane juice is using a special yeast CA-11 as an agent, since this method ensures that there is no chemicals in the process. This maintains 100% organic product.

For the Ouro the cachaca is aged in French Oak Barrels for six months. It is distilled on a Copper Pot Still. Vale do Sol Organicos currently have two cachacas in the their line up this aged cachaça and a Prata (White). The brand do not seem to have a website but they do have a Facebook page.

In the glass Val do Sol Organicos Cachaca Ouro is a golden brown colour. The nose is surprisingly mild and well-balanced. For a young cachaça I wasn’t expecting something quite so mellow.

There is a really nice oak note on the nose which is really nicely complimented by some traces of lemon zest, caramel, toffee and some fruitier notes of raisin and white grapes.

Sipped the cachaça is again really nicely balanced and very easy to sip. It has a really great balance and has no “off notes” or anything which doesn’t fit. This is very good spirit. The initial entry is one of oak spice and some sweetness – white grape and raisin. This is followed by a slightly bitter note in the mid palate which fades into the finish. The finish is rich and oaky and very enjoyable. As this isn’t a high ABV spirit the finish is perhaps a little short but overall – this is a really great cachaça.

vale do sol organicos cachaca Ouro Rum Review by the fat rum pirateMixed it works nicely – but it’s not the most dominant of cachaça so it can be a bit overawed by mixers such as cola or ginger beer. A Ti Punch or Caiprinha are enjoyable but I do feel like I am missing something by mixing this cachaça. It’s definitely much better as sipper.

This is a mellow easy going, easy drinking style of cachaça. It’s not hugely complex – though there is enough going on to make it interesting. It’s not a huge grassy flavour burst its much more subtle.

A real surprise – I would imagine the Prata will work better as a mixer. Would be interesting to try that one as well.




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  1. That is a excelent Cachaça.

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