Trois Rivieres Cuvee de Moulin

Trois Rivieres Cuvee de Moulin Rum Review by the fat rum pirateTrois Rivieres Cuvee de Moulin – Rough translation Three Rivers Blend of the Mill.  Is a limited edtion expression from Martinique producer Trois Rivieres.

It is a blend of rums carefully matured for over three years in ex Cognac and Bourbon casks. Marketed as a  “rhum vieux agricole” – aged. The producer advises it can be sipped neat or mixed in cocktails.

At Trois Rivieres is produced on the island of Martinique it is produced in accordance with the “Appelation d’Origane Controlee” which governs exactly how Rhum Agricole can be produced on Martinique.  Just like Champagne it ensures you are a getting the “good stuff”.

I picked this rum up around a year ago in a Toulon Carrefour.  It cost around 30 euros.  When I have seen the rum for sale in the UK it retails at around the £45 mark. Bottled at 40% ABV.  I am not sure if you will still easily find a bottle of this rhum in your location but I have seen a few bottles still online.  I don’t think it is a continuous production addition to the line up.  More a Limited Edition.

Presentation – like all the Trois Rivieres rum is excellent.  Great attention to detail and some really nice touches.  A good sturdy card sleeve and a nicely topped cork stopper.  The branding is consistent and modern.  Its a great package – if you like that sort of thing.

Plantation Trois Rivieres is based in the South of the Islan.  Like many traditional Rhum Agricole producers the Plantation has its own sugar mills – you’d be hard pushed to make authentic Agricole without sugar mill as the sugar has to be processed and turned to juice pretty much straight away.

Trois Rivieres is owned since 1994 by the Bellonie Bourdillon et Successeurs who own the famous La Mauny brand, amongst others. Trois Rivieres refers to both the distillery and the 120 hectare sugar cane plantation which is bordered by three rivers – Bois d’Inde, St Pierre and Oman.  So for once a brand name isn’t entirely made up. Distillery Visits are possible and the facility is well reviewed on sites such as Trip AdvisorTrois Rivieres Cuvee de Moulin Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

There is a note on Trip Advisor which advises that the facility is no longer “in production”.  Whether they mean the whole Plantation or just the part they visited I do not know.  As far as I am aware Trois Rivieres is all about the Plantation so unlike other brands, it is unlikely to use rhum sourced from other distilleries and maintain the brand name.

I haven’t come across any information which suggests the Plantation has closed. They are still putting rhum out from what I can see.

I haven’t seen any reviews of this rhum online – it may be easier to find within the French speaking Rum Community.  Certainly none of my usual resources have reviewed this.  From what I can gather this is pretty much mid range stuff – but who knows? As I’ve said before I am far from being an expert with Rhum Agricole.

In the glass the rum is a very vivid orange\brown colour. The nose is quite sweet – quite a big hit of cognac is immediate.  It is quite well integrated and nicely balanced.  It isn’t as grassy or vegetal as often is the case with younger Agricole Rhum.  All quite “light” and well balanced if perhaps a little muted.  There is a fair amount of interaction with the oak casks and a nice spiciness reminiscent of Bourbon mixed with the Cognac sweet wine-like notes.

Sipped it again has a really good balance.  It is less sweet than the nose suggests. More of the more familiar grassy agricole notes are present.  It’s nicely done and has a Trois Rivieres Cuvee de Moulin Rum Review by the fat rum piratnice spiciness which adds a layer of complexity.

There is nothing wrong with this rhum – as mentioned it has a certain amount of complexity and a nice balance.  Mixed it works nicely in a Ti-Punch (though I must say a bolder stronger White Rhum works better) in an Old Fashioned – as suggested on the back label.  Mixing it with cola as with most aged Agricole is not a pleasant experience.  It just doesn’t work.  With soda or Lemonade it works much better offering a refreshing long drink.

In the grand scheme of things I don’t think this is the greatest or most complex Rhum Agricole ever.  That much is reflected really in the price.

But what it does deliver is a very pleasant, easy drinking and value for money sipper or mixer.  It’s only real down fall is perhaps that it is just a little to easy going.  It never really knocks your socks off. Cuvee de Moulin grows on you more than anything else.

Not bad but I’ve had better.




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4 comments on “Trois Rivieres Cuvee de Moulin

  1. I have a bottle of 1979 trouse rivieire rum how much is it worth

  2. Trois Rivieres was bought by the owners of its neighbour La Mauny. It is now produced at La Mauny, but is distilled in its own separate creole column, which was moved there in 2004.

  3. Thank you for your review!
    One question: I have the possibility to get a few of these bottles for a pretty low price, so, do you think this rum would work good as a substitute for the Clement VSOP? The Clement is my standard mixer in combination withe the Appleton 12 for the classic Mai Tai receipe 🙂 Thank you very much!

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