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The site is now over 3 years old.  The site as it appears now was “re-booted” back in December 2014. Which was pretty much when it began getting a meaningful amount of views. We’ve now reviewed over 300 different rums, with many more in the pipeline.  Out of curiosity I thought I would see how many rums I have given the 5 star treatment. The search was quite interesting.  I was quite surprised by some of the omissions – only garnering 4 or 4.5 stars.  I’ve also tried not to flood the list with rums from the same distillery to keep a bit of variety.

Anyway here is a list of 10 rums which I consider to be the best and most varied I have tried so far on my rum journey. Click on the title of each rum to read the full review.

Bristol Black Spiced rum reviiew by the fat rum pirate10. Bristol Black Spiced Rum

The first entry in the countdown is perhaps surprisingly a Spiced Rum.  At the time of the review it was the only rum on the site to get the 5 star rating.  Since then I have re-scored a couple of classic rums but it is still the only Spiced Rum to get a top score.  Without doubt the best Spiced Rum you can get and well worth picking up if you see it.  It may seem pricey for a Spiced but its well worth it!


Habitation Velier Hampden 2010 HLCF Rum Review by the fat rum pirate9. Habitation Velier Hampden 2010 HLCF

A funky beast of a rum.  A tropically aged rum from Velier.  At only 6 years old it is one of the younger rums to make the list.  Full flavoured and very fruity this Jamaican rum from Hampden Estate is an excellent addition to any rum cabinet.  Problem is this was one of the earlier Habitation Velier releases so now it is getting quite hard to find….

8. Rhum Barbancourt Reserve Special e 5 Star 8 Year Old

Barbancourt 5 star rum review by the fat rum piratePerhaps the first “all time classic” rum on the list.  Barbancourt have been producing Cane Juice (rumours have it – this is now a mix of Cane Juice and syrup) style rum for many, many years.  This rum is often overlooked and I was amongst those people who put off buying this rum due to expecting it to be similar to an agricole.  Now whilst it does display some agricole notes it is so smooth and velvety it is almost like a fine cognac.  At little over £30 per bottle this really is one of the worlds biggest rum bargains.

7. Expressions – Old Man Rum Co.

Released last October and unveiled at London Rumfest – Expressions is a blend of aged rums. Which might not sound all that remarkable.  However, it is a blend of aged rums over 25 years old. 100% Pot Still rums from distilleries such as Long Pond and it even has an element of aged rum from the mythical Barbados Rockley still.

If it wasn’t quite so expensive it might have featured higher in the countdown.  It is an outstanding rum though and I was lucky to get to try it.

6. Appleton Estate 21 Year Old

The pinnacle in terms of Appleton regular range of rums.  It is a blend of column and pot distilled Jamaican rum which have ALL been aged for at least 21 years.  21 Years of tropical ageing can cometimes result in an over oaked distillate.  Joy Spence of Appleton has successfully blended a perfect balance of exceptional aged Jamaican rum.  Whilst the 12 Year Rare Blend offers unbelievable value for money this rum does just pip it.

A rum for special occasions.

5. Cadenhead’s Dark Rum 1842 Cask

Cadenhead's Dark Rum 1842 Cask review by the fat rum pirateAn unusual rum and one which is currently no longer available. The 1842 cask was actually a “live cask” of rum which stood in the Cadenhead’s London store.  A kind of commercial sized “Eternity Bottle” the cask regularly had odds and ends of Demerara rums from Cadenhead’s various casks added to it throughout its life.  Producing an evergoing blend.  The bottle I got was one of the most amazing Demerara blends I have ever tried and I am gutted I never bought another.

Price wise this was also a steal – if you do want to try something similar Cadenhead’s Classic Rum is also very, very good.

4. El Dorado Rare Collection Enmore 1993

El Dorado Rare Collection Enmore Rum Review by the fat rum pirateAnother Demerara rum this time from Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL).  The three rums released in the Rare Collection in 2016 had a lot to live upto.  Seen as successors to the no longer available Velier Demeraras.  For many the releases didn’t quite match up.  However I felt that this rum from the Enmore still was as good as any Velier release.

A really well done unsweetened aged Demerara.  Suggests that the Rare Collection may deliver yet.

3. Pussers Gunpowder

Pussers Gunpowder is the re- branded UK Blue Label 54.5% ABV version of Pussers.  The range were re-branded to stop confusion over ABV throughout the world.  To be fair Pussers at any ABV offers the very best in Naval style rums there is to offer.  Very few Navy style rums even come close to the depth of flavour and complexity.

Amazingly a blend of Demerara and Trini rum only, this really packs a punch and makes one of the best rum and colas you will ever taste.  It also acts nicely as a very muscular sipper.

Excellent stuff.

2. Foursquare Criterion

Foursquare Rum Distillery Criterion Rum Review by the fat rum pirateI could easily have produced a top ten of Foursquare releases.  Well I could have had ten world class rums, what order they would go on would be another matter…..that’s not a bad idea actually.

I plumped for this release as its still readily available.  I’ve also given quite a lot of exposure to the 2004 release (Rum of the Year 2016).  The Triptych and the 2006 need no introduction.

Released at Cask Strength the rum shows how far Foursquare and Richard Seale have come over the past few years.  I’m not sure the Rum World would have been ready for this 5 years ago.

Impecabbly blended and impeccably timed.

1. Duncan Taylor Single Cask Rum Jamaica Long Pond Aged 15 Years

Duncan Taylor Jamaica Long Pond 200 Single cask rum review by the fat rum pirateIs this rum a run of less than 300 bottles really the best rum I have ever tried?

Well it is without doubt one of the most distinctive and even by Jamaican standards funkiest rums.  This is a huge fruity explosion of high ester rum which is nigh on perfect.

It is a rum which manages to carry notes such as shoe polish and varnish and still be truly exceptional.  A rum which requires only tiny sips.  If you do get a bottle of this savour every last drop.

So that’s the countdown complete.  I’ll add a bit more information now.  I was myself a little surprised to find no rums from Worthy Park or St Lucia Distillers made the grade.  Nor anything from Mount Gay.  There are a number of truly excellent rums out there – many of which I have rated at 4 stars and above.  Maybe in some cases I have been a little harsh in my scoring.

I know a lot of you will suggest rums I should/could have included.  I tried as far as I could to keep the list varied.  There are a number of rums from the likes of Velier, Foursquare that on another day I may have selected for my top ten.

Now to get on with compiling a very different list.Top Ten Worst Rums…..So Far






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  2. Whst about Siesta key rum ? Their rums are great!

    • But only available in certain US states. Never seen any in the UK as yet. If we do we’ll look into them.

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  4. Nice list! Surprised to see the Barbancourt in the list as I wasn’t terribly impressed by it. However I had it fairly early in my rum journey, so might need to re-visit it at some point.

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