That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #4 Grenada

That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #4 GrenadaThat Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #4 Grenada. I’m not sure whether the Boutique-y Rum Company are purposefully attempting to have the longest name for a rum ever put on a bottle, but they seem to be doing a good job if they are. Catchy is not a word I would use to describe their bottlings. Though the company name is quite quirky and the designs on the bottle are very distinctive.

Luckily though, what the Boutique-y Rum Company do focus on is sourcing quality and at time quite unusual rums. Rums that perhaps other independents would shy away from bottling. They have a number of “Secret Distillery” bottlings. This is not a gimmick on behalf of  Boutique-y Rum Company.

The rum world has changed over the past few years. Caribbean (in particular) distilleries are beginning to see the true value in their own distillery botttlings. No longer concentrating on satisfying just the domestic market with inexpensive, relatively young bottlings. They are now producing their own aged products, for the worldwide market. Focusing particularly on Europe and the US.

Previously Independent bottlers would buy aged products from rum brokers such as E.A Scheer and proudly display the name of the distillery. Often more boldly than their own logos etc. As a result some producers began to question the use of what they began to see as their “brand” (ie the distillery name). Whilst an outright ban on using distillery names hasn’t been legally enforced a number of distilleries have requested that Independent bottlers do not use the distillery name.

As a result and in accordance with these agreements That Boutique-y Rum Company are, when requested using “Secret Distillery” and the country of origin only to identify where the rum has come from.

This practice hasn’t translated to all distilleries so you can still hazard a guess at where a rum might have come from. Today I am reviewing “Secret Distillery” #4 Grenada.

So do I have any more information about this rum? Yes luckily I do. First up it was produced on a Traditional Coffey Column Still.That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #4 Grenada is from a Single Distillery. It has been aged for 20 years (I’m unaware where it was aged). It has been bottled at 52.3% ABV and their are 212 50cl bottles available of this rum priced at £98.95 over at Master of Malt.

Identifying the distillery this might come from leads me down the route of picking from 2 of the 3 distilleries on Grenada. It can’t be from Renegade Rum Distillery as it wasn’t around 20 years ago. So that leaves River Antoine Estate which produces Rivers Royal rum and Grenada Distillers who produce rums under the Clarkes Court brand.

There is of course also Westerhall Estate but they no longer distill any rum they merely blend imported caribbean rum. I suppose as this is 20 years old it could be from there?

The only further bit of information I have is the GMWE rum marque. To be honest the G in the marque makes me think this rum is likely to have come from Grenada Distillers. They are the biggest producer on the island and the style of rum they produce seems in keeping with this bottling. Trying not to pre-empt the review but my nose suggests this is a rum from Grenada Distillers.That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #4 Grenada

This is one of 3 brand new releases from That Boutique-y Rum Company that I am to review over the next 3 days (as pictured).

Of course I could be wrong, it did happen once before……….

So lets see how That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #4 Grenada  goes down.

In the glass we have a golden brown liquid – a few shades darker than straw but not quite what I would call dark. This suggests some element of continental ageing.

The nose is light, sweet and very approachable. Notes of toffee, milk chocolate and some spicy ginger. Sweet fruits such as strawberries and peaches are also in the mix. Slightly syrupy but not overly sweet. It smells sweet but not sweetened…….

This is confirmed by the Hydrometer bobbing between 52-53% ABV.

Despite its overall quite light profile it is still quite complex. Nosing is a very pleasant experience. The higher ABV than I have experience before with output from Grenada Distillers gives the nose much more depth. There is also more oak and spice on the nose from the long ageing.

As a sipper it opens up with a spicy salvo of bourbon-esque notes and spicy ginger and oak. Vanilla and honey come through once the spicy introduction begins to lead you into the mid palate. The oak and spice remain giving a spicy char. You get a real taste of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes on the mid palate. Peanut and cashew nut really come through. It’s not as sweet and fruity as the nose but you still get some strawberry and vanilla ice cream. It’s really nicely balanced this rum.

That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #4 Grenada

The finish on this is really nice as well. It fades out beautifully with some notes of black pepper and a spicy woody note which fades out slowly.

This is a rum which would be a good introduction to drinking something at a higher ABV. It is light but it isn’t as sweet or as straightforward as you might expect. It’s not got any “off notes” though or anything which might alienate someone feeling their way into Cask Strength offerings.

It also harks back to a simpler time as well. Many people do not realise, that historically column distilled rum in the Caribbean is just as popular (if not more so) than the heavier Pot Still rums and blends we focus more on nowadays.

Better than I was expecting a very tasty drop. I’ve also had it confirmed from a very reliable source (Boutique-y Pete) that is indeed from Grenada Distillers traditional two column set up.









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