That Boutique-y Rum Company Monymusk Distillery Aged 13 Years

That Boutique-y Rum Company Monymusk Distillery Aged 13 YearsThat Boutique-y Rum Company Monymusk Distillery Aged 13 Years. I’ve a “Zoom Tasting” of Rum and Whisk(e)y later today, so I thought I would dig through my sample boxes and see if I had anything outstanding to review from That Boutique-y Rum Company.

I was quite surprised to come across this particular sample still intact. Today I am reviewing one That Boutique-y Rum Company’s older releases. You can actually still buy this particular bottling but it is in very short supply over at Master of Malt.

This is a 100% Pot Still Rum which was distilled back in September 2004. It was shipped unaged to the UK where it has been aged in “recycled rum casks” (I’m assuming these are ex-bourbon casks which then stored other rums) up until 2014. The rum was then re-filled into more “re-cycled rum casks” for a further maturation of just over 3 years.

The artwork is suitably bizarre in keeping with the That Boutique-y Rum Company’s usual look – this time we have dogs riding the London Underground. Something which hints at where the rum was matured is what is hinted on in the description at Master of Malt.

As with all (bar the Signature Blends) this rum is in a 50cl size bottle or half litre if you prefer. A carafe of rum maybe? This means less rum but a higher outturn of bottles. It retails at £59.95. This initial batch of rum was a release of 473 bottles. That Boutique-y Rum Company Monymusk Distillery Aged 13 Years has been bottled at 55.4% ABV, which I assume is Cask Strength or near enough!

For those unfamiliar with Monymusk/Clarendon they produce a lot of rum for major producers such as Diageo – Captain Morgan and Myers’s for example. However a lot of this rum is their column distilled rum. Their Pot Still rum is still very well regarded and is very popular with rum enthusiasts. It is a popular choice amongst Independent bottlers such as That Boutique-y Rum Company.

So lets see how this particular bottling rates.

In the glass the continental ageing is immediately apparent. After 13 years in the tropics it is fair to say that the rum would be a lot darker! What we have hear is a very lightly coloured spirit. Straw coloured. It could almost pass as a “white” rum in some circles where producers don’t mind a yellow tinge.

The initial nose is slightly salty and carries a nice hit of pineapple. Salted Pineapple? Is that a thing?

Beneath this I am That Boutique-y Rum Company Monymusk Distillery Aged 13 Yearsgetting some notes of what I can only really describe as beer. It smells a bit like the bottom of a pint of bitter. Quite hoppy and malty. Nice though!

Further nosing reveals some light chilli heat and some hints of smoke and tobacco. There is also a bit mixed fruit jam lurking around adding a bit sweetness.

It’s a reasonably funky nose but its nothing stupid. I guess it midway between a Hampden and an Appleton. Probably more in keeping with a Worthy Park in that it has that refined note to it.

Sipped the rum is quite spicy on the initial palate but it has a fruitiness that carries the spice along nicely. Pineapple, banana and some apricot stand out alongside some chilli and black pepper. A touch of cardamon as well. Therres something quite menthol about the rum with a bit liquorice.

The mid palate remains vibrant with some more oak spice and further fruity notes and to the spicy heat on the tongue.

As the mid palate moves into the finish you get some vanilla and more waThat Boutique-y Rum Company Monymusk Distillery Aged 13 Yearsrming oak. As the rum begins to fade out into the finish you get a lot of fruitiness again with the pineapple and apricot leading the way.

The finish is a good length and is pleasantly fruity but has a good weight of oak and spice as it begins to fade.

It is safe to say that whilst this is a reasonably “funky” rum in the overall way of things – its not a huge Jamaican funk monster. It’s not Hampden level DOK.

It relies less on the oak ageing than Appleton but it does seem to have “mellowed” over time into something, which is a bit more refined than you might expect from 100% Pot Still Jamaican Rum.

Not entirely sure why I hadn’t reviewed this before. I can only think I got mixed up and thought I had already reviewed it.

Still a couple of bottles are still available if you are quick.









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