That Boutique-y Rum Company Diamond Distillery (Versailles Still) 13 Year Old

That Boutique-y Rum Company Diamond Distillery (Versailles Still) 13 Year Old rum review by the fat rum pirateThat Boutique-y Rum Company Diamond Dsitillery (Versailles Still) 13 Year Old. This particular bottling, was one of the first releases by the Boutique-y Rum Company. As a result I am quite surprised that it is still available. Maybe this review might help sell the last few bottles? If it’s positive, of course and if anyone listens to me…….

This rum was distilled on the Versailles Single Wooden Pot Still, which has been housed at Versailles, Enmore and Uitvlugt distilleries in its time, before finally settling at Diamond Distillery aka Demerara Distillers Limited. If you wish to read a little more information on the various stills at DLL try this. It’s pretty brief but gives a nice overview.

This rum was distilled back in July 2004. It was aged initially in refill rum casks until 2011, when it was re-casked in more ex-rum casks. I am unsure whether this indicates the point at which tropical ageing was replaced by continental ageing, though it seems logical. I’m unsure how much aged rum DDL ship out. It has been bottled at 56.1% ABV it is a single cask and 439 bottles are available It is worth noting the bottle size is 50cl so slightly smaller than the usual 70cl bottle. The rum is available via Master of Malt and retails at £64.95.

The wacky design on the bottle is provided by Jim’ll Paint It who is known for his bizarre Microsoft paint drawings requested by his fans on Facebook. The design is described as such

“Here we can see Pete Holland from The Floating Rum Shack dismayed at the fire underneath the wooden pot still. So dismayed in fact that he seems to have taken leave of his senses and is simultaneously using a chocolate teapot and a glass hammer while playing darts on an inflatable board. Excellent multitasking but perhaps it’s time to rethink those purchases Pete…”

Yes, quite I have no idea what this is all about to be honest so we best just move onto the rum review.

In the glass we are presented with a straw/golden brown coloured spirit. Lighter than a lot of the aged rum I have seen from the Versailles still. Admittedly a lot of those rums have caramel added as a colourant. Unlike this it would appear.

The nose is more familiar. Sweet notes of raisin and some light sugar cane. Toffee and a note of vanilla. More savoury spicy woody oak and some very light vanilla.

Hazelnuts and mixed peel also arrive on the nose and a touch of star anise. A slightly malty note is present throughout, giving it a slightly whisky like feel. It’s nice and familiar and more balanced than some Versailles rum, which are overladen with too much caramel colouring/added molasses giving a slightly bitter note at times. It’s fresh smelling and slightly zesty. Not as woody and oak heavy as some Demerara’s and it is a touch musty on the nose.

Sipped That Boutique-y Rum Company Diamond Distillery. is initially quite spicy and quite dry. There isn’t a great deal fo sweetness to this. It’s certainly not an El Dorado style Demerara. Woody oaky spice and some ginger greet the taste buds along with some savoury and slightly malty notes. Freshly sanded wood and some saw dust alongside some malted barley and some very medicinal notes of cough mixture. Calpol/paracetamol like flavours.

It’s a very complex rum, with a lot going on in the mix. As a sipper it is not the easiest to drink. It’s a rum you will enjoy when you have time on your hands, to really spend time with it. It’s not for chugging back or for mixing.

Once you get past the initial sip the mid palate really develops into a very intense spicy experience. This is quite a dry rum but it is full of different spices and nuances. One minute you are getting Christmas cake the next you are getting pencils shavings.

Finish wise it is of reasonable length and it has a nice balance to it. Personally, I prefer a slightly sweeter take on Demerara but this is still a nicely balanced and well aged drop of rum.





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