Special Sang Som Rum

Sang Som Special Rum ThailandI bought this when I decided to order some rums that I would normally completely overlook.  I figured that for the time being I’d probably tried enough Bajan and Navy style rums.  It was time to expand my horizons and see what else was available.

I figured I would try this Thai rum as it wasn’t too expensive and being from Thailand it definitely wasn’t going to be a Caribbean rum.

I was pleasantly surprised by the rum when it arrived as despite being only £16 it was housed in a cardboard sleeve.  Upon opening the sleeve however it revealed a rather cheap looking bar bottle with a very cheap and nasty metal screw top.  To be honest I was expecting the metal threads to break and leave me needing to put a hole through the lid.  Fortunately this didn’t happen.

I’d read a little about Sang Som rum and it had been quite popular up until the 1980’s, winning numerous medals but for one reason or another it all but disappeared outside of Thailand.

This rum is aged for around 3 years.  It has a nice golden brown,rather than orange colour to it.  Upon pouring and smelling the rum it smelt quite delicately spiced.

I tired sipping a little of this rum and was surprised to find that it wasn’t too bad.  I added my usual cola and found the rum to be a fruity lightly spiced rum.  It’s quite distinctive.  I’m not sure what goes into the blend but a number of spiced rum producers could certainly learn a thing or two from these guys.

It’s not a typical rum, if I had been told it was something other than rum I would have believed it.  It doesn’t taste instantly like a typical rum.

I found Sang Som rum to be a very easy drinking mixing rum.  It’s well worth the £16.  In fact its a bit of a bargain really.

3 stars



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