Pusser’s Rum British Navy (54.5% ABV)

Pusser's British Navy Rum Review Guyana DemeraraPusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum (it has recently been re-branded in the UK) is as near to the rum issued to sailors in the British Navy as you will get.  The “tot” was abolished in 1970.  Black Tot Day as it was called being 31 July 1970.

The rum is steeped in tradition and the website is very “naval” as is the packaging.  It’s very distinctive and slightly (IMO) gaudy.  However you do get a nice corked closure, which I always prefer.  You don’t get any fancy cardboard packaging with this rum just the bottle.  The rum hasn’t hit the supermarkets over here as yet.  This surprises me somewhat but it has found its way into most independent retailers.  The rum retails at around the £30 mark.  This seems a little expensive for a Navy Rum but it is 54.5% abv so it should last a bit longer.

I could bore you all with more of the heritage etc of the rum but they have a very informative site (it also attests that different territories get differing strengths in the blue bottle!) http://www.pussers.com/

I’m not acquainted with anyone who served in the Navy at the time of the rum ration so I do not know how authentic the rum is.  Some say it is very close, however I note that many say Woods is as well.  As both taste differently its difficult to tell who is right!

In keeping with most Navy rums this is blend of many different rums from different carribbean islands.  Upon pouring the rum it is quite dark and very fragrant.  It’s not sickly and overly spiced like some navy rums.  There is a real complexity about this rum with a lot of flavour.  It’s very different to most rums.  It is fruity, hints of smokiness, strong (though not overpowering).

I got a bottle of the Pussers Grog Mix with this as a freebie (that retails at around £5 a bottle and contains no alcohol).  The grog mix is basically a rich thick concentrated lime based drink.  It works quite well mixed with the rum though I did prefer it with cola.Pussers Rum Guyana Demerara Review

The rum can be sipped neat or enjoyed over cola or even in fruity cocktails (Pussers Painkiller).  Considering this rum hasn’t been aged too long (they reckon around 3 years) it more than justifies the £30 price tag.

To me this is heads and shoulders above the other Navy Rum’s I have tried.  It won’t be to everyones taste but it certainly was to mine.  The bottle didn’t last long unfortunately!

5 stars






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4 comments on “Pusser’s Rum British Navy (54.5% ABV)

  1. Just bought the latest release of this. The one with the black label. There’s no mention of it being a blend and the website shines no light on it either. In fact the bottle says it’s the product of Guyana. That doesn’t surprise me because when you get beyond the initial wave of molasses there’s a distinct youthful note. That note reminds me very much of the Habitation Velier Port Mourant White made from the famous double wooden pot still. I actually thing the Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof is terrific stuff for the £34 I paid for it.

  2. Love this stuff!! Have tried it with Pepsi and Coke and enjoy Pepsi better (I’m a devout Coke drinker). t is also good to sip. My fav by far.

  3. Ordered a bottle of this yesterday on a special deal from Amazon at £25 and it was delivered this morning. I held off until this evening for a tot and just added a tiny splash of water. What a lovely drop, I really like this.

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