Rum of the Month – October 2015

Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirateAs it is Halloween today you were probably expecting to see a Pumpkin Face or Deadhead style rum trotted out as this months Rum of the Month.

Thankfully, I don’t really go in for fancily marketed column distilled solero rums.  The idea of the site is to give you all informed and knowledgeable suggestions on future rum purchases!

With that in mind October is the ideal time for you too look around for a bottle of Appleton 12.

A recent re-branding I took part in the Twitter Tasting to mark it.  Which means our wonderful rum retailers will still have plenty of old stock that they are eager to get shifted so they can start stockings the shiny new bottles (with in the 12 year old’s case – the same delicious liquid inside).

So what are you waiting for Amazon already have this reduced to around £26 a bottle.  If you still aren’t sure here is the original review.

This is a classic refined oaky Jamaican rum.  Enjoy!



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One comment on “Rum of the Month – October 2015

  1. Appleton 12 is delicious, versatile, affordable and well-distributed. good choice.

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