Appleton Estate Twitter Tasting 7pm (GMT) Wednesday 14th October 2015

AppletonTwitterTastingOnce again we will be taking part in a Twitter Tasting, this time alongside Ian Burrell (Global Rum Ambassador) and David Morrison (Senior Master Blender at Appleton Estate).

The tasting flight includes three rums from the Appleton Estate line up and a cocktail which highlights the versatility of Appleton Estate’s entry level rum – Signature Blend (formerly the V/X).

The tasting is partly to coincide with this weeks Rum Experience Week which culminates in the weekend’s London Rumfest and partly to highlight the brands recent re-branding of the Estates rum line up

Appleton Estate Signature Blend (formerly V/X)

Appleton Estate Rare Blend Aged 12 Years (formerly Extra Aged 12 Years)

Appleton Estate 21 Year Old

Mai Tai Mix

As well as taking part in the Twitter Tasting we will also be casting our critical eye overAppletonLive the newly packaged rums over the next few weeks to determine if only the packaging has changed.  I have been assured that the rum in these blends is the same as before – its just the packaging that has changed.

However, you may notice that one of the Appleton Estate rums is missing from the line up the Appleton Estate Reserve 8 Year Old (which has been renamed the Appleton Estate Reserve Blend).  From my understanding this expression has been brought into line with the US variant of the rum, so it will be different to the one I have tasted in the past.  So this too will be on my radar once the newly packaged rum becomes more freely available in the UK.  (Currently it seems the old stock is still largely being sold)

So there you have it.  If you have your #AppletonLive tasting kit then I look forward to discussing the rums tomorrow, if not but you have some of the rums in the flight or just want to come along and see how it progresses then just follow the hashtag from 7pm tomorrow.



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