Rhum Clement L’Elixir XO

Rhum Clement L'Elixir XO Rum Rhum Review by the fat rum pirateRhum Clement L’Elixir XO. Rhum Clement are one of the pioneers of Rhum Agricole on Martinique, alongside Rhum J.M they are perhaps the most well known producers on the island.

This Clement L’Elixir XO is a blend of rhums aged for a minimum of 6 years. I cannot find any information which details the oldest rhum in this blend.

The rhum is produced in the Agricole style following a 48 hour fermentation. Clement operate Savalle Column stills at their Simon distillery (they have 7 of these stills in operation), it is then aged in French Oak casks. This rhum has been bottled at 42% ABV. Price wise that seems to vary I have seen this rhum for sale at various price points between £/€90 and £/€140.

Presentation wise Clement L’Elixi r XO is presented in a teardrop style decanter with a chunky cork stopper. A presentation box is provided (and is to be expected at this price point) to house the rhum. I think this rhum was released late 2017/early 2018. There is still availability however

There are quite a lot of different Rhum Clement bottlings available at the moment. This rhum isn’t listed on their website but it is readily available online if you do wish to try and pick up a bottle.

In the glass the  rum is a dark to golden brown with an orange hue. Nosing Rhum Clement L’Elixir XO is a very pleasant experience. It is rich, warm and inviting. There isn’t a lot of grassy or vegetal notes you often find even with more aged Agricoles.

Blind nosing this I think I would pick it out as an Agricole but it is very cognac like. It reminds me very much of Barbancourt 5 Star.

The nose is sweet with notes of brown sugar and toffee. Good weight of spicyness and oak. An almost cherry like note Some ginger and a tiny hint of aniseed.

It isn’t the most in your face nose – at 42% ABV it is pretty mellow. It is a elegant style of rum rather than something pungent like a Jamaican dunder heavy rum.

Further nosing reveals orange marmalade and a touch of cinnamon. A slightly floral grassy note appears towards the end.

Sipping Rhum Clement L’Elixir XO is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. It is beautiful on entry with lovely sweet orange, clove and sweet stem ginger cookies on the palate. It has an almost candied after taste.

It is ridiculously easy to sip. The mid palate is really nicely balanced with really good zesty oak notes and a touch of bourbon spice.Rhum Clement L'Elixir XO Rum Rhum Review by the fat rum pirate

The finish is perhaps the only disappointment – it’s not quite as long as I might have hoped. This means you do sip a little faster…..

Having said that, the finish is also very nicely balanced at no point does this rum feel hot or “rough” in anyway. The finish is rich and warming with marmalade and oak spice which fades into a dry and woody finish. A touch short yes – but what is there is very very good.

A hugely enjoyable expression of Agricole Rhum and easily one of the best I have tried so far.




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