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Pusser’s Rum British Navy (54.5% ABV)

Pusser's British Navy Rum Review Guyana DemeraraPusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum (it has recently been re-branded in the UK) is as near to the rum issued to sailors in the British Navy as you will get.  The “tot” was abolished in 1970.  Black Tot Day as it was called being 31 July 1970.

The rum is steeped in tradition and the website is very “naval” as is the packaging.  It’s very distinctive and slightly (IMO) gaudy.  However you do get a nice corked closure, which I always prefer.  You don’t get any fancy cardboard packaging with this rum just the bottle.  The rum hasn’t hit the supermarkets over here as yet.  This surprises me somewhat but it has found its way into most independent retailers.  The rum retails at around the £30 mark.  This seems a little expensive for a Navy Rum but it is 54.5% abv so it should last a bit longer. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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